AFL Round 13 Results 2016

AFL Round 13 Results 2016 Fortuna Tipping A Little Better

Fortunas AFL Round 13 Results 2016

Fortuna’s footy tips were a lot better this week than last weeks dismal effort. Unfortunately when placing my bet with William Hill last week I backed Port Power.  :pull_hair: Still, 4 out of 6 is a pretty good outcome for the AFL Round 13 Results 2016

There were two reasons for backing the Power, the first being that the odds were pretty good and a win would have paid pretty well. The second being that I agreed with Fortuna and I honestly felt that they would do well against Freo!

They must have known this was a do or die game for them and that a loss would make their passage to a finals berth almost impossible. Shit, if that’s not enough incentive to pull out all the stops and play your best I don’t know what is. That and the fact that Fremantle has been playing like shit should definitely made this a winnable game. Unfortunately Port Power wasn’t up to the task and couldn’t find the switch to turn the power on.  :tongue_out:

Looking at Ports Official website’s match report it was obvious that nothing they could do to soften the poor match result was really working.

What did I learn from the AFL Round 13 Results 2016? The most important thing was that I shouldn’t be betting on Port Power. They just can’t be relied on. When you expect them to win they don’t and when you expect them to lose they don’t.

Another very important thing the AFL Round 13 Results 2016 has brought to light, and I know I say this a lot but it  is so bloody important for everyone to realise that you should never, ever bet more than you can afford to lose. This way you make your sports betting bankroll last a lot longer and you’re not stressing over the loss of any bet. I know doing this means I enjoy my games and betting a hell of a lot more.