Fickle Lady Luck Gets It Wrong

This post just goes to show just how Fickle Lady Luck can be. In my last post I wrote about how good old fickle Lady Luck gave her approval for me to bet on the Port Power / Fremantle game. I did that rather than betting on the Crows because it offered better odds. I should have known better. Not only did Port Power lose to Fremantle but the Adelaide Crows absolutely killed North Melbourne.

Fickle Lady Luck A Lesson Learned

Fickle Lady Luck

But I’m not pissed about losing because that game was pretty exciting, and the small wager I placed on it made it even more interesting. Then I got to thinking. Maybe Fickle Lady Luck wasn’t so fickle after all. Maybe she was telling me not to chase the match with the best odds but to follow the match where my heart was. After all she knows how much I love the Crows right?  :thumb_up:

If I had backed the Crows, I wouldn’t have won much, compared to the Port Power vs Fremantle match, but at least I would have won something. I mean, that was a brilliant game, one that put the Crows at the top of the ladder at the beginning of the season. Yeah I know they won’t stay there for long but at least they got there.  :tongue_out:

The good thing is that at least I kept to my responsible gambling rule and didn’t bet more than I can afford to lose. Doing that not only can affect me financially it would also put too much pressure on the outcome turning an exciting experience into a stressful one.

Speaking of the Crows, the AFL site’s writeup is called Walker Inspired Crows Crush Sluggish Roos. And I have to admit Walker did well, but he was’t the only one. I loved how most of the players performed including Sloane and Betts. At least that is one under Phil Walsh’s belt.

As for the Power / Fremantle game, nobody can argue that it wasn’t a thrilling game, because it was. I found that Fox Sports article to be a good one.

How did you go this weekend? Did you manage to pick a few winners? What did you think of the way Adelaide (Crows and Power) performed in the first game of the AFL season?