2018 AFLW Round 3 Results

2018 AFLW Round 3 Results Sucks

I hate to say this, but the 2018 AFLW Round 3 Results sucks big time!

2018 AFLW Round 3 Results

The only positive being that the Adelaide Crows actually won a game. So, what got the Crows over the line in the 2018 AFLW round 3 results? Why Erin Philips of course! Erin was obviously the game-changing player, with her four goals getting Adelaide over the line.

Had I picked the Crows I would have had two winning games under my belt, and who knows I may have taken the opportunity to cash out. Still, I reckon I will never know whether or not I would have had the balls to cash out that early.

Anyway, let’s have a look at the scores to see how the 2018 AFLW Round 3 Results pans out.

  • Adelaide Crows 6.5 41 – Western Bulldogs 5.4 34
  • Carlton 2.6 18 – Brisbane 6.4 40
  • Collingwood 5.5 35 – GWS Giants 7.6 48
  • Fremantle 6.0 36 – Melbourne 4.7 31

On the plus side, as much as I hate losing, at least I only lost two bucks!

I’ve still to get the perfect result in my 2018 AFLW tipping, and I reckon it will be a sheer arse if I did happen to get that perfect score! On the plus side, a perfect score would net me a sizeable cash inflow, especially considering I plan to continue doing multi-bets during the 2018 AFLW season.

So far this season, William Hill has offered the best odds on AFLW. I reckon that Sportsbet and Ladbrokes had better pull their finger out if they want a chance at getting their hands on my sports betting cash.

Crows winning last weeks proves two things. The first being that just because you’ve got a flawless run, Western Bulldogs not losing a game so far this season doesn’t mean that their winning streak will continue. The other being that one just can’t rely on the perfect sports bet. Which is why I continue to flog the idea of responsible gambling when it comes to sports betting.


AFL Round 13 Tips 2017

Fortuna’s AFL Round 13 Tips 2017

Before we look at AFL round 13 tips 2017 i want to say, wasn’t last weeks tipping results a real shocker? If you want to brag about your tips last week just leave a comment. I know there are some tipsters out there who say they did really well but I reckon that was more arse than class. Most footy fans that I spoke to said round 12 was one of the worst rounds they’ve come up against.

As far as I’m concerned these bye weeks absolutely suck. It’s just throwing a spanner in the works and stuffing up how all the results are playing out.

Let’s hope that Fortuna’s AFL round 13 tips 2017 work out a lot better and get us back on track.

Fortuna’s  AFL Round 13 Tips 2017

AFL round 13 tips 2017 Fortuna's tips

  • West Coast vs Geelong (Domain)
  • Nth Melbourne vs St. Kilda (Etihad)
  • Richmond vs Sydney (MCG)
  • Port Power vs Brisbane (Adelaide)
  • Gold Coast vs Carlton (Metricon)
  • Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne (Etihad)

Now that I have my AFL round 13 tips 2017 in hand I need to check out which of my favourite online betting sites are offer the best AFL odds this week. Those of you who follow this blog know that my favourite online betting sites are Sportsbet, William Hill and Bet365. You should also consider Unibet as part of your online sports betting arsenal..

Best Odds For AFL Round 13 2017

AFL Teams

West Coast
Nth. Melbourne
St. Kilda
Port Power
Gold Coast
Western Bulldogs





William Hill


This week I’ve decided to go with William Hill because they’re offering the best odds and because I’ve decided not to get a best AFL oddsmulti-bet which has been a Sportsbet favourite because of the money back deal if you get only one leg wrong in 4+ multi’s.

Keeping with my responsible gambling I’ve decided to back three teams, 3 bucks on Geelong, 3 on Nth. Melbourne and the remaining 4 bucks on Richmond. Hopefully I’ll get them all right but even if I get one wrong I should get more than my original bet.

You can see proof of my bet with William Hill in that image over there on the right.

Million Dollar Tipping Genius

Finally I need to place my tips with Sportsbet’s Million Dollar Tipping competition! According to Sportsbet, “One GENIUS managed to tip all 7 winners throughout this ridiculous round of upsets, and with a margin of 1pt was able to take home the Weekly Prize!” So that lucky tipster took home a cool $5000! Hopefully, it will be my turn this week. :tup:

AFL Round 11 Results 2017

What can I say but I expected more from Fortuna’s AFL round 11 results 2017! Why don’t we have a look at the AFL round 11 results 2017 before I go discussing them.

Fortuna’s AFL Round 11 Results 2017

AFL round 11 results 2017As you can see the mighty Adelaide Crows weren’t so bloody hot in the AFL round 11 results 2017. I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive in including them in my tips but I honestly thought they would break the 14 year hoodoo of playing at Simonds stadium. Alas, they played like shit and let fans and punters alike down. The problem as I saw it was that they weren’t playing as a cohesive team. Not everyone was putting 100% in and at this stage of the game if you want to win you have to put in 110%!!

Chris McDermott said it best when he said The Crows Had Too Many Passengers! Unfortunately for us Geelong did that and they won the game.

Then it was the Gold Coast vs Coast game. You can tell from the odds in that game that even the punters thought that the Eagles should have won that game. Unfortunately they lost and Fortuna struck out again in her tips. The AFL site reckons there 5 Talking Points about that game.

Finally, the last of the losing games was the Fremantle vs Collingwood game. That was a home game for the Dockers and should have been a win under their belt. What happened? Did Collingwood play that well or did the Dockers under perform and gave away a win? According to the ABC headlines the Dockers put on a Horrific Display. They go on to say though that Collingwood put on a “gutsy” effort. Maybe it was one of those games where the Dockers thought they had an easy win and just weren’t prepared for a switched on Collingwood.

So, what does all this teach us? That you just never know when it comes to sports betting and enforces why we should always gamble responsibly. Losing bets suck :bash: