Round 22 Footy Tips Results

Fortuna’s Round 22 Footy Tips Results

Round 22 footy tips results

I don’t know why Brutus is so upset, personally I reckon Fortuna did pretty well with her round 22 footy tips results. After all, 6 out of 9 is still pretty good. Sure it’s not her best result but then there were a couple of games in the round 22 footy tips results that would have surprised a lot of punters.

Take the Geelong vs Collingwood game which would have to be the first upset in the round 22 footy tips results. I reckon most people would have written Collingwood off for this game. I was so sure that Geelong would win that this game was the first leg of my multi-bet with Bet365. So, Collingwood’s 48 point upset cost me my multi-bet but it’s occasions like this that makes me thankful that I am a responsible gambler.

As for the Nth. Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs game, I reckon that was a poor choice for my multi-bet. When you consider that sixth versus seventh on the ladder I reckon it could always have gone either way. I think I was swayed by Nth. Melbourne seven game winning streak, but then it had to end sometime right?

Then there was the Adelaide vs West Coast game! They were the last leg in last weeks mult-bet. As much as I wanted the Adelaide Crows to win I didn’t think they had a chance in hell of beating West Coast. But what a game that was. As you can see from the table below the Crows absolutely blitzed West Coast eagles in the first quarter!

Adelaide Crows West Coast Eagles
G B Pts G B Pts
Q1 8 3 51 0 1 1
Q2 9 6 60 5 4 34
Q3 14 8 92 6 6 42
Q4 19 12 126 10 9 69

That is easily the Crows best first quarter of the season! Even though West Coast came back in the 2nd quarter the Crows once again out performed them in the third and just beat them in the final quarter.

As it was I blew my multi-bet in two of the previous legs but even if that wasn’t the case and it all rested on the Crows vs West Coast game the loss wouldn’t have bothered me at all. The fact that the Crows won is all that mattered!  :drunk:

So how did you go with your round 22 footy tips results. Here’s hoping that you had a winning bet on that round.