Showdown 38 Crows Or Power

Before I look at who I think will win Showdown I reckon I should look at how the Crows and Port Power did in round four. If you read my last post on the SportsBet bonus bet offer you know that I backed Port Power to beat Hawthorn. That’s even though the Hawks were the favourite to win.

Port Power vs Hawthorn Results

Port Power Hawks results

I don’t know why I backed Port Power, but I’m glad I did. Perhaps it was because I was using Sportsbet free bet offer and it didn’t really matter if I lost. Either way I backed them and I won. Will they have it in them though to beat the Crows in Showdown 38?

I’ve spoken to several Port Power fans and they’re so jubilant about the win and they are confident they will beat the Crows in this weeks Showdown. I’m not so sure. I watched the Port Power – Hawks game and they dominated in the first half. Lucky for them to because their huge lead was the only thing that saved them. The Hawks came back in the second half. This is even though they had two good player taken off half way through the game due to injuries. Namely, key defender Brian Lake and Paul Puopolo.

Yeah, sure a win is a win but to throw away a commanding lead like that can’t be a good thing. They need to fix their second half game if they’re going to be finals contenders.

Adelaide Crows vs Western Bulldogs Results

Adelaide Crows Western Bulldogs results

I’ll be the first to say it, the Adelaide Crows played like shit. Unless they improve their game they’re not going to win this weeks Showdown.And I’d hate it if they didn’t put Port Power in their place.They came back a little in the final quarter but it was too bloody little to damn late.

So, why did the Crows perform so dismally? There’s no doubt that the Crows were out played but I’m wondering why the hell they were so layback? Especially after playing so well in the first three rounds. Is it because they thought the Western Bulldogs would be a pushover and just weren’t prepared for the type of contest that confronted them? To tell you the truth, I don’t really care what the reason was. As long as they pull their finger out for Showdown 38.

Showdown 38 Go The Crows

Showdown 38

As to who’s going to win the next Showdown? I’m not as arrogant as those Power supporters who are already counting it as a done deal. I know that when it comes to Showdowns it’s anyones game. One thing I do know is that both the Crows and the Power are going for broke, like they do for all Showdowns. That why Showdowns are so popular, and this one won’t be any different.

If you have anything to say about the performance of either Port Power or the Adelaide Crows why not leave a comment. Who do you think will win Showdown 38? Me, I’m putting my money on the Crows.