Round 7 Footy Tips Results

How did you go with your round 7 footy tips results? Did you read Fortuna’s round 7 footy tips? If you didn’t you missed out because Fortuna did a bloody good job and 8 out of 9 in the AFL round 7 footy tips. You can see the results in the image below.

Round 7 Footy Tips Fortuna Gets 8 out of 9!

Round 7 Footy Tips Results

Luckily for me I used Fortuna’s round 7 footy tips for my MultiBet with Sportsbet. Once again you can see my Multi-Picks below.Multibet Win

  • Adelaide $1.19
  • GWS Giants $1.50
  • Sydney $1.26
  • Fremantle $1.26
  • Richmond $2.15

I’m so happy to say that this was my first ever Multi Bet win! And man, did it make those games so much more interesting. I probably wouldn’t even have watched half those games if they weren’t a part of my MultiBet!

cashing out on a multi betI have to admit though that out of the games listed above the Richmond vs Collingwood game was the one that had me the most worried. It had to be the most exciting game of round 7, probably because it was the last one in my Multi-Bet legs.

I know I had the Cash Out option available to me and I finally took that option at the end of the 1st half. One thing I did notice, because I checked it several times throughout the match, was that the cash out depended on the scores at the time. If Richmond was down so was the Cash Out value. If Richmond was up so was the amount of Cash Out available.

Naturally I chose to cash out when Richmond was up. You can see the results of Multibet Cash Out there on the right.

As you know Richmond showed Collingwood who was boss and I would have been better off not cashing out. But you know what? I don’t care, it could just as easily have gone the other way and I am more than happy with my Sportsbet Cash Out experience.

How did you go with your round 7 footy tips?