Darts Walk-on Girls Hot Sports Babes

As you know I’m always on the lookout for hot sports babes. I also try to be fair about it by including hot sports babes from as many sports as I can find. Today I wanted to feature a hot sports babe darts player. To be quite honest I couldn’t find any decent images of hot sports dart players that I felt would fit in the hot sports babes theme. Then I came across the darts walk-on girls.

What Are Darts Walk-on Girls?

I have to admit I’ve never came across the term ‘darts walk-on girls’. I had a rough idea but I wanted to find a proper definition for what a darts walk on girl is. There actually isn’t one. It seems that the name Darts Walk-on Girls explains it all. The darts walk on girls are actually sexy hot sports babes who walk the darts player up to the stage where they will be playing darts. It started back in 1994 in the Blackpool Winter Gardens.

Now these hot sports babes dart walk-on girls are truly hot. I can now understand why these guys play darts. It’s so they can be in the vicinity of these hot darts walk-on girls.  :tongue_out:

Kim Mellor Hot Darts Walk-on Girls #1

kim mellor darts walk-on girls hot sports babes

I love this photo of Kim Mellor who happens to be on Linkedin as well as having her very own website. Kim Mellor is a blonde bombshell who became a darts walk-on girl in 2011 and is very deserving of the Hot Sports Babe tag.

Sammi Marsh Hot Darts Walk-on Girl #2

Sammi Marsh also definitely fits into the hot sports babe category and is therefor our hot darts walk-on girl #2. Sammi is from Blackpool (interesting that 😉 ) and I found her ‘About‘ page very interesting. You can see Sammi, Samantha, on Twitter. I picked the following image of our hot darts walk-on girl from her Twitter page.

Sammi Marsh Darts Walk-on girl hot sports babe

While there are a lot of lovely images of Sammi there I really, really liked this one. I thought you would too.  :thumb_up:

Victoria Burton Hot Darts Walk-on Girl #3

Victoria Burton Darts Walk-on girl hot sports babe

You have to admit from the image above that Victoria Burton is definitely a hot sports babe. Out of all the images I found on Google Search I reckon this one, which I found on her Twitter Profile is by far the best.

EDIT: Unfortunately that Twitter Account no longer exists so I’ve removed the link.

Well, that’s my top three picks for this post on this, the Darts Walk-on Girls Hot Sports Babes post. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do more followup posts on Darts walk-on girls.