Betting Online With William Hill

Have you tried betting online yet? I have to be quite honest with you. Before I started this blog I had absolutely no idea that betting online was even possible. Once I started the blog I had no option but to try betting online so I can give you guys my honest opinion of what betting online is all about. Now that I have tried it all I can say is that I love it.

I’ve tried to open a phone betting account a couple of years back so I could place a bet on the Melbourne Cup but gave it up betting online sports betting sitesbecause it was too much of a hassle. Joining an online bookmaker was so much easier. The two that I’ve joined so far is William Hill and bet365. I’ve found them both to be very reliable and secure betting online sites.

Some have asked me why I joined two betting online sites. The honest truth was so that In can check them both out in order to write my personal reviews on them. Now that I am a member of both William Hill and bet365 I’m able to check both of them to see whose offering the best odds before placing a bet.

Betting Online Best Odds

This brings me to this weeks Bet Of The Week. Of course you guys know I love the AFL. You also know that I love the Adelaide Crows. I have to admit last weeks dismal showing against the West Coast Eagles, a game they should have won, was pretty disappointing. Even so I’ve decided to put a bet on the Adelaide Crows to beat the Brisbane Lions. I’m hoping that the lads will get their act together this week to make up for last weeks embarrassing effort.

As you can see from the image on the right William Hill had the better odds which is why I chose them when placing a bet on this game. As usual, because of my responsible gambling ethics, I limited my bet to $10.Even so a win will earn me $5.50 which is a 50% return on my investment. While knowing a bigger wage will net me a lot more it will also cost me a lot more if they lose. When it comes to gambling there really is no sure bet. Which is why I wrote the post about betting online Being An Investment.

AFL aside, the biggest reason I love betting online is because it opens up almost any sport, no matter where in the world it’s being held to the online punter. I’ve written about some of those online bets I’ve placed on this very blog. The ones that come to mind are the World Cup Soccer Game and this years Glasgow Commonwealth Games.