Crows Win Showdown 40

Crows Animated GifBetting on the AFL is never. ever a sure thing. That’s because there are no sure bets in the AFL. Even when you’re sure that a team you’ve backed is going to win they go and let you down.

The Collingwood vs Richmond match is a good example. Another is the Essendon vs Melbourne game. Who would have thought that Essendon, with all the problems they’re having would ever win against Melbourne. I suppose that doesn’t say much for Melbourne’s effort.  :tongue_out:

But Screw all those games. I want to talk a bit about the Crows latest Showdown win. Yep the Crows win Showdown 40. Now you guys all know how much I love the Crows. I’ve even backed the Crows when Fortuna said they would lose. This time I followed Fortuna’s lead and backed Port Power As much as I wanted the Crows to win I thought that Port Power would win this Showdown. Imagine my surprise when the Crows kicked their bloody arses to actually win. Man what a game and what a resounding win.

You can see all the Showdown stats if you follow this link.

CROWS WIN SHOWDOWN 40 By Thrashing Port Power

It’s always great when the Crows win but its so much better when the Crows win Showdowns. And what a win it was thumping Port Power by a whopping 58 points!

ADELAIDE 6.4 13.5 19.7 22.12 (144) PORT ADELAIDE 1.2 4.8 7.13 11.20 (86)

Adelaide best players would have to be Lynch with 6, Betts with 5, Jenkins with 4 goals. Other goal kickers were Walker with 2, McGovern with 2 and Crouch, Laird and Milera all with one goal each.

From the beginning to the end Adelaide was all class and Port Powers just didn’t seem to know what to do to stop them from pounding the crap out of them.

Now I’m not one of those Crows supporters who like to bag Port Power fans and I’m not about to go to work today and give them a hard time. I know they’re going to be sulking for a while anyway.  😉

Keep an eye out for the next post where I will be discussing some betting tips I’ve learned this week.