Lucky Sports Bet Of The Week

It’s time for me to pick another lucky sports bet. As usual I ask Lady Luck as to whether or not I should place a bet. Fortuna, our Lady Luck of sports, has had a pretty good run so far. She did get last week wrong though but maybe she was trying to tell me something.  :tongue_out:

When I asked her if I should place a bet this week she pointed to William Hill. As I’m not a William Hill member she’s clearly telling me to place a bet.

Ok, so the first thing to do is to check my Sports Betting Apps to see who has the best odds. As you know I’ve joined three of my favourite online sports betting sites.

Checking the odds was as simple as flicking through my smartphone apps. You can see the results below.

Lucky Sports Bet Best Odds

lucky sports bet


Yeah, you know I’m going to bet on the Crows vs Collingwood game. I should have bet on the Crows last week but I chased the better odds and backed Port Power instead. As it turns out Port Power, although it was a brilliant game, let me down.

Out of my favourite online Bookies SportsBet and William Hill are offering the best odds. William Hill have been pretty lucky for me so I figured this week I’ll place my wager with them. Hopefully it will turn out to be a lucky sports bet for me.

Lucky Sports Bet For The Adelaide Crows

Both the Crows and Collingwood played well last week. I reckon the Adelaide Crows were the better of the two. Also, the fact that Steele Sidebottom is out means that Collingwood will need to pick up their game.

Of course one never knows how things will turn out when it comes to betting on any sport outcome. Upsets happen all the time. This is why you should always bet responsibly and  never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Sports Betting Deals Save You Money

All punters want to get the best sport betting deals as they know it’s a great way to increase their sports betting income. As I’ve said many times before the only way to get the best sports betting deals is to join more than one online sports betting agent. Honestly, think about it. If you’re a Sportsbet member you’re missing out on all the sports betting deals that are being offered by William Hill.

These deals change all the time too. At times there are special offers that are only out there for a short time. You would never know about these offers unless you were a member of that online sports betting site. Only as a member will you get notified of these special sports betting deals. Even if you’re not one to check your emails it’s pretty easy to check these sports betting deals simply by firing up your app.

I took some screen shots of the special sports betting deals offered by two of my favourite online bookmakers.

William Hill Sports Betting Deals

The image below comprises of twelve sports betting deals being offered by William Hill. They’re all screenshots taken from my iPhone. There are deals on offer for many of the most favourite sports including Greyhound specials, daily World Cup specials as well as special deals like the protest pay up.

Protest pay up is where you still get payment even if your winning horse is beaten in a protest. How sweet is that. Can you imagine how quickly your jubilation would be dashed upon discovering that you’re no longer a winner because of a protest? Special terms and conditions apply.

Top Online Sports Betting Sites

Have you ever wondered about the top online sports betting sites? I know a lot of people out there are because ‘top online sports betting sites’ is a popular search term used to find this site. There are probably a lot of sports betting sites out there, some are good and some probably not so good.

When starting this site finding those top online sports betting sites was very important to me. It’s only when they pass certain criteria that I represent them on

Top Online Sports Betting Sites Criteria

  • Longevity: Before I become affiliated with any of the so called top online sports betting sites that I examine they need to have been around for a lot of years. I will not represent any online sports betting sites that hasn’t been around for a long time because you just never know whether or not they’re going to fold up.
  • Ease Of Use: I hate sites that are confusing to navigate. Online sports betting should be enjoyable. That just can’t happen if you can’t work out how to place your bet online.
  • Mobile App: When I started this site I had no idea that top online sports betting apps existed. Since joining two of what I believe to be the top online sports betting sites, namely Sportsbetbet365 and William Hill, I found how simple placing an online sporting bet truly is using a mobile app. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t join any online sporting site unless they had a sports betting app. An online sports betting app means you can place a bet no matter where you are.
  • Easy To Deposit Money: The last thing you want is having hassles depositing money into your online betting account so that you can place a bet. The best online sports betting sites offer customers several ways for them to deposit into their accounts. My favourite ways to deposit money include PayPal, NETELLER and Skrill. As long as it offers at least one of those and meets the other criteria then you’re good to go. Most top online sports betting sites will offer more payment options than the ones listed.

Personally, I believe you should join more than just one online sports betting site. I have two main reasons for doing this. The first is you never know when one of those will go offline for whatever reason. If this ever happens you have the other one to fall back to. The second one is so you can compare the odds offered by the different sports betting sites so you can get the best odds available.

top online sports betting sites

My Top Online Sports Betting Sites

OK, in no particular order here are my recommendations for the Top Online Sports Betting Sites.

OK, for us Aussies, the best online sports betting sites would be Bet365, Sportingbet and SportsBet.