Best Smart Watch Best Sports Smart Watch

Looking at the title you’re probably wondering which is it the best Smart Watch or the best Sports Smart Watch? You may remember that I introduced an eSports Store a little while back. Today I decided to test out my eSports Store to see how I go. I figure the only way I can tell people how good it is, or it isn’t, is by actually buying something.

As much as I love my Fitbit, it lacks bells and whistles and I’m a bells and whistles type of guy. I’ve always wanted an Apple Watch but there’s no way I’m going to part with over $600 of my hard earned cash. That’s when I decided to see if my eSports Store had a Smart Watch that had more bells and whistles than my Fitbit. The thing is it also had to act as a sports watch which is why you find the Sports Smart Watch in the title.

It had to be both a Smart Watch and a Sports Smart Watch. Naturally, unless other manufacturers are willing to let me trial their Smart Watch, I’ll never know if it’s actually the best Sports Smart Watch. As long as it works and does what it’s supposed to do I will be happy with that.

Sports Smart Watch Android iPhone Compatible

Smart Watch Sports Smart WatchSo today I uploaded some new Smart Watches to my eSports Store, logged in and purchased it. So, which Smart Sports Watch did I order? It was the WTC L38 Smart Sports Watch.

I picked this watch because it had so many features, including one that I didn’t expect to find. It has a built in IR Remote controller that will work on my TV! I already have a normal watch that does that and was a little sad to put it aside because I love that feature. Now I will have a smart watch that will do it as well!

I like the fact that it has a sapphire screen because I need a tough watch as i’m always knocking it about at work.

Other functions that appealed to me include:

  • A heart rate monitor
  • Message reminder so you get to see your messages without having to get your smartphone out.
  • Apparently it has a camera that will take 2.0MP photos. I’m really interested to see how that works 😉
  • Pedometer to track your steps
  • Sleep monitor

Apparently it does a lot of other stuff but I won’t go into that until the watch arrives and I can put it through it’s paces. So stay tuned for an update.  :drunk: