Socceroos vs Honduras Best Bets

I’m not one to bet on the soccer because I don’t know all that much about soccer. But with the AFL being over for the year I’m seriously thinking about it. Having said that there’s no point in even considering any Socceroos vs Honduras best bets without doing a little research on the matter.

Socceroos vs Honduras Best Bets News

Matildas star Sam Kerr has her say on the Socceroos World Cup playoff. She’s a little worried about this game, which starts tomorrow, because they’re an unknown team where she is concerned. Her research has shown that they are a rough playing side which is something that I’m sure the Socceroos can deal with.

Kerr believes having Cahill there is a big plus but believes the pressure of having the whole world looking on to see how the game pans out will be their biggest worry. But, doesn’t Honduras also have the same pressure? Perhaps the team that deals the best with that pressure will come out on top. Kerr is “100 per cent confident in the boys but will still be holding my breath with the rest of Australia this next week.”

Socceroos vs Honduras Best Bets

Dean Bilton in his article for ABC news believes that even if Cahill doesn’t play the Socceroos still has a better than good chance of winning. This is partly due to his belief that Honduras place in the run for the World Cup playoff was more due to luck than absolute skill.

Socceroos vs Honduras Loss Possible

Lets not forget that sport being what it is one should not be surprised if things do not go the way punters would hope for. That’s what makes responsible gambling so important. Nine World Of Sports don’t seem to be hopeful of a Socceroos win tomorrow in San Pedro. Apparently a loss does not sound the death nell for the Socceroos as a good win in the second leg on Wednesday 15 November at ANZ Stadium could still secure them a place in the World Cup.

So, what do the punters think so far? Lets have a look at what the odds are for my top sports betting sites.

Socceroos vs Honduras Best Bets Online Odds

Teams Sportsbet William Hill
Socceroos $4.20 $4.00
Honduras $2.00 $2.05
Draw $3.20 $3.20
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Looking at the table above it looks like the Socceroos are underdogs as far as the punters are concerned. As I said at the beginning of the post, I’m not into soccer all that much but I reckon I’ll put five bucks on the Socceroos using Bet365 as they’re offering the best odds.

You can see my bet here. Who are you picking for your Socceroos vs Honduras Best Bets?


Australia vs Spain World Cup Bet Of The Week

On my last bet of the week I placed a wager on the England vs Italy World Cup game. As it turns out I won that bet. For this weeks Australia vs Spain World Cupbet of the week, seeing as how the World Cup fever is still going strong, I placed a wager on Australia to beat Spain in the up and coming World Cup Game.

I know that just about everybody thinks that Australia is going to lose that game, especially because Tim Cahill isn’t playing. That’s why the odds are so high, which makes for a pretty good win if the Socceroos manage to pull it off. Still, I think that Australia has been playing a lot better than Spain so, regardless of what everybody else thinks, I reckon they have a pretty good chance.

 An Aussie Win In Australia vs Spain match?

These are my reason why I reckon the Aussies will win in the Australia vs Spain match. When Spain played the Netherlands they got thumped 5 -1. When they played Chile they lost 2 – 0.

Now lets look at how the Socceroos went. When they played the Netherlands they lost 3 -2. It was an exhilarating game. When they played Chile the Aussies lost 3 -1. All in all it’s my opinion that the Aussies were the better players when compared to how the Spanish played. I reckon if they can only keep up their good form they have a chance at winning that game.

How I Bet On The Australia vs Spain game.

So, lets have a look at my Sportingbet (check out their $700 free bet offer) screenshot to see exactly how I placed my bets on this weeks bet of the week.

  • Australia vs Spain 2nd both to score: I place a buck on both teams to score in the second half. If that becomes a reality I’ll win $3.10
  • Australia vs Spain first team to score: I put a dollar on that nobody will score. This is entirely possible in soccer. If nobody scores throughout the game I’ll win $17.
  • Australia vs Spain to win: Finally I placed five bucks on the Aussies to win. A win will get me $36.75 That alone will do me 😉

The most I can win is $39.85, if option 1 and 3 come in. This would be pretty good considering I only outlaid seven bucks. Even if the second one came about I’d still get $17.

Didn’t place a double chance bet on this game because I didn’t like the odds.

Did you place a bet on the Australia vs Spain game. If you did which way did you go.


Betting Lesson Learned

Every type you place a bet, win or lose there is a betting lesson learned. In my post Common Questions About Online Betting I mentioned how I placed a bet on the Australia vs Netherlands that was played in the early hours of this morning. I knew it would be a bloody miracle for the Socceroos to beat the Netherlands but I took the long shot because of the special deal offered by Sportingbet. (Their World Cup microsite offers heaps of latest World Cup news) I didn’t stay up for that game but I did catch the highlights first thing in the morning. Even though Australia lost to the Netherlands 2-3 it looked like a thrilling game. As far as I’m concerned the Socceroos did us proud. Netherlands were the ones who beat Spain, who just happened to be the last World Cup winners, 5-1. Again, I watched part of that game and Netherlands were nothing short of spectacular. So, what was the betting lesson learned from placing a bet on that game?

My Betting Lesson Learned From World Cup Game

The problem a lot of gamblers have when placing a bet is greed. It’s an all or nothing situation. It’s the same when buying and betting lesson learnedselling shares. You hang back to get the best price and by doing so you miss out on either a great buying price or selling price. I knew that bet was a long shot so what I should have done was hedged my bet by putting half of my wager on a win and the other half on a double chance bet. If I had done that I still would have won something. Instead of losing the ten bucks outright I would have won something on my double chance bet. Next time I bet on a long shot I’m taking advantage of the double chance bet. A betting lesson well learned.

How To Win More In Sports Betting

Wouldn’t that be betting lesson worth learning. At the moment I let the bookies sway a lot of the betting decisions I make. I look at the odds and then I make a decision. I reckon I’d have more luck if I was to work out my own odds. If I could do that I would then be able to work out which bets had the best value and place a bet only on them. I suppose in the way I would be more bookie than punter. Perhaps that way I’d win more than I would lose. There is one problem with that. It would take a hell of a lot of work. I’d have to analyse all the data. Check the history of the horses, AFL teams or whatever. Is it going to rain? Whats the track like? Who’s injured and all that other shit you need to really make an informed decision. I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned that would take all the fun out of placing a bet. What do you think? As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather make those mistakes and learn from the. For me betting is all about entertainment. I do it to makes the sports I watch even better. If I lose every now and what. As long as I got a kick out of the game. Feel free to leave a comment about your betting lessons learned? Perhaps you can elaborate how you learned those lessons? I’m sure we can all learn from everyones experience.

Just to finish off, there is one more lesson I’ve learned today. Tim Cahill can do more than just use his head for those great goal shots.

Tim Cahill World Cup Goal Netherlands vs Australia 2014