AFL Preliminary Finals Tips

As we head towards the AFL Preliminary finals lets not lose sight of what the finals is all about. For the supporters the most important thing is that their team wins. The closer we get to the finals the amount of disappointed supporters grow. For those that remain the excitement and trepidations builds the closer we get to those finals.

This weeks AFL preliminary finals is between the four remaining teams which we will see in Fortuna’s AFL preliminary finals tips below. The goal for punters is to ensure they put their money on the right teams. For the players themselves, the most important thing is to win that Grand Finals Cup. To do that they have two major battles left to overcome.

Fortuna’s AFL Preliminary Finals Tips

AFL Preliminary Finals Tips

This weeks battles are between;

  • Fremantle vs Hawthorn
  • West Coast vs Nth. Melbourne

Once again it looks like Fortuna is playing it safe. We all know though that in the AFL, or any sport for that matter, playing it safe doesn’t always work. This is why responsible gambling is so important. Before placing my bet I need to take a look at what odds are available.

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AFL Teams

West Coast
Nth. Melbourne





William Hill



Like Fortuna I’m going to play it safe. I know that upsets happen in sport but thats why I only bet what I can afford to lose. Now we need to look at three of the best online sports betting sites so we can place our bet,

  1. Bet365 is always a good bet because their app makes betting so easy to use. Also, their unique sliding scale feature for cashing out is pretty cool. The sliding cash out feature allows you to choose how much you want to cash out which is great when you’re not sure whether or not you want to cash out at all.
  2. Sportsbet is a favourite of many Aussies. They also have a cash out feature. Sportsbet offer a lot of sports betting deals and is home to the ever popular Million Dollar Tipping competition. This post shows how you can actually win as long as you get the closest margin!
  3. Formally SportingBet now William Hill is one of the most renowned online sports betting sites. I’m just hanging out for the day they introduce a cash out feature. William Hill also has a brand new app which looks really good.

As always I have proof of my online bet and this week I placed it with Sportsbet because they’re offering the best odds on Hawthorn. Then theres always their special offer which refunds any losing bet, up to $100, as long as your team is leading in on of the four quarters.

Go the Hawks!  :tongue_out: