Spring Horse Racing Special Offers

Shit! Now that football is over I’m going to have to find something else to interest me sports wise. I’m sure as hell not going to place a bet online just for the sake of it. The big question is now that the AFL season is over what the hell are we to do?

There’s always the races for those punters out there who love to bet on the horses. Me, I usually only be on the Melbourne Cup itself. Lets have a look at some of the horse racing special offers out there.

Sportsbet Horse Racing Special Offers

They say that spring is in the air! Maybe spring brings other stuff with it other than hay fever! Some do say the world will be watching as Melbourne hosts its famous Spring Racing Carnival. Remember that post I did on the Melbourne Cup Hot Sports Babes? Maybe as the ladies fuss over dresses and those strange looking things that go on their heads, we should be studying the forms working out what races to place our bets on.

In their efforts to provide great deals Sportsbet have come up with some unbelievable horse racing special offers. This includes the Caulfield Guineas Day offer. The image below gives a little hint of their great offer. Clicking on it will give you a whole lot more information.

horse racing special offers

Also, they’ve got Power Prices for an hour only on EVERY HORSE in EVERY RACE between 10am – 11am EDT on Saturday!

The thing with Sportsbet is they’re always out there to give their members the best deals possible. Sure the whole reason behind their horse racing special offers is to drum up business. Thing is, if you’re going to place a bet in any horse race why wouldn’t you want to get the best deal possible.

Naturally these offers may change over time, but not to worry you can always keep track of all of Sportsbet’s Promotions.