How To Pay For Sports Bets

Ever since starting EZeSportsBetting I’ve had family and friends asking me about the best, most secure ways to pay for sports bets online. Naturally, just about all online sports betting site will accept credit card to pay for sports bets. The problem is there are a lot of punters out there who just do not want to give their credit card details online. Not surprising either considering the amount of wankers out there who are just waiting to see if the can gain access to your credit card details. Sure, it’s rare but it does happen. It was only about a month ago that the ANZ bank cancelled my credit card when they notice some shady transactions that occurred online.

Best Most Secure Ways To Pay For Sports Bets

  • PayPal: Probably the most popular way to pay for you internet purchases, whether it’s placing a bet on the races, online gambling sites or buying something on eBay is PayPal. Unfortunately the amount of betting site that accept PayPal is limited. To date I’ve found one lottery site, Oz Lotteries, and one online spots betting site, Sportingbet
  • Neteller:I mentioned Neteller in my post How To Bet And Win. Joining NETELLER will give you access to just about all of the online sports betting and gambling sites, except Sportingbet for some reason. Not to worry guys, I’ve found a great sport betting site that does accept Neteller. More about that in another post. 
  • Skrill: Another great way to pay for sports bets is Skrill. With Skrill you can send and receive money abroad, instantly. Yes, you can use Skrill with Sportingbet. 😉

Of course there are many other sites online that would allow you to pay for sports bets but I’ve always found too many options only confuse things. That’s why I’ve only provided, what I believe to be the best three.

Look for a future post which will show you how to use these sites to help you be a responsible gambler.

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