Happy Sports New Year 2015

Happy Sports New Year Sports Lovers

happy sports new year 2015Hey sports lovers, I hope you had a great new year and that you’re looking forward for a real Happy Sports Year for 2015. Not only do I hope that all your favourite sports teams do well in 2015 but that you have a very successful sports betting time as well. May all your sports bets win and may you become a very successful sports punter.  :thumb_up:
Before we get into this years sports betting posts I thought it would be a great idea to link to some of last years important as well as 2014’s most popular posts.

Most Important Posts For 2014

  • Responsible Gambling!: This would have to be the most important post for all punters, future punters as well as current ones. It explains what responsible gambling is as well as what signs to look for that point to problem gambling. It also links to problem gambling resources. Becoming a problem gambler is the worst thing for you and your family. Not to forget that it would absolutely ruin your sports betting experience.
  • When A Win Is Not A Win: There are times when you think you’ve won a sports bet only to find that it just didn’t pay out. This post tells you of my experience when this happened to me.
  • Sports Betting Terms: Sometimes when you come across a sports betting post you may read some stuff that just doesn’t make sense. That link takes you to some of the stuff I’ve come across that I needed explained. Stuff like Double Chance bet, tote betting and the like.
  • Secure Betting Service: It’s important when betting online to pay for your bets using a secure online payment service. That post points to my favourite out of the ones I’ve tested.
  • Lady Luck: I knew that even though I reviewed many of the online betting sites there would still be those who couldn’t make up their mind which online betting sites to join. That’s when I secured the services of Fortuna the Lady Luck of sports. That post not only helps them to choose an online betting site it can also help them in deciding whether or not they should place a bet.

Most Popular Posts For 2014

  • Hot Sports Babes: This was my first Hot Sports Babe post and it proved to be really popular with close to 5000 views.
  • Hot Sports Netball Babes: With close to 8000 views the Hot Sports Netball babes have proved to be the most popular post.
  • Anna Rawson: Our Hot Sports Babe #19 with close to 4000 views has proved to be the third most popular posts.

This just goes to show how most sports lovers just happen to love Hot Sports Babes.

That’s it for now guys. Here’s to a ripping 2015 sports betting year!


Hot Sports Babes

Hot Sports Babes? Yeah, you’re probably wondering what that is all about. Well, this is a sports blog right? OK technically it’s a sports betting blog but sports betting revolves around sports. Believe it or not a lot of women out there love sports. I’m also sure a lot of them love to bet on sports as well. Also a lot of these women happen to be, well, for the lack of a better word, we’ll call them HOT!

Bud Girls at Montreal F1

Being a hot blooded Aussie and because I want to make this blog not only informative but entertaining as well. Which is why I started the Sports Jokes category. While we all like a good laugh we also like to gaze at Hot Sports Babes!

The question is, what constitutes Hot Sports Babes? For the purpose of the Hot Sport Babes category I’ve decided not to limit them to just the hot women who play sports. Nope EZ eSports Betting Hot Sports Babes is also going to include all the hot babes who follow sports. You’ll find hot sports babes in the AFL crowds cheering on their teams. You’ll find hot sports babes at the Melbourne Cup, dressed to the nines and usually sporting a funny trendy hat. Who says that hot sports babes have to wear skimpy outfits right?

Our Hot Sports Girls may be part of a cheer squad. They may even be involved in the Grand Prix, one of the many other motor sports around.

Yep, one thing you can always rely on is that wherever there is sport in this world you are bound to find those hot sports babes. And now, thanks to your favourite writer at EZ eSports Betting you will find Hot Sports Babes here as well. Actually I think I’ll feature a Hot Sports Babe in a weekly post. So let’s take a look at this weeks Hot Sports Babe Of The Week.

Hot Sports Babes Of The Week

When I first came across this weeks hot sports babe everyone was saying that she was at this years Brazil World Cup. It was obvious that this hot sports babe was a soccer fan. And it was obvious that she was very exited. So much so that her nipple slip went unnoticed. Here’s an image just before the full nipple exposure.

Hot Sports Babes Hot Brazil babe I did a bit of digging around though and I found out that this photo couldn’t possible have been taken at the World Cup. How can I know that. It all has to do with the video below.

Hot Sports Babes On Video

According to YouTubes time stamp, that video was published on Jan 6, 2014. So you see it couldn’t possible have been taken at the World Cup.

Edit: Well, it looks like YouTube has decided to pull that video. Reckon somebody complained about how much this pretty Brazilian revealed. Well, I promised you a vide and a video you shall have, so I put together my own. Hope you like it.

So, what do you think? Is the Hot Sports Babes a good addition to this blog? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you come across any hot sports babes that you want me to feature just send me the link.

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