Secure Sports Betting VPN

Secure Sports Betting VPN To Protect Online Sports Betting

You need a secure sports betting VPN.! Why? Because the Internet is a dangerous placeT It’s full of crooks who would like nothing better than to rob you of your money. Shit, some would even steal your identity if they could and then they would rob you of your money. This article shows just how dangerous the internet can be. The danger increases exponentially if you use free wifi.

I’ve always thought placing sports bets online using my sports betting apps would be enough to protect me. Now, I’m not so sure. That’s why I’ve invested in a VPN or Virtual Private Network. When using a VPN your footprint on the Web virtually disappears. Not even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can see what your doing online. This means you’re now safe from those crooks that want to steal from you.

There are other reasons for using a VPN! Have you ever tried accessing a site but can’t because that don’t allow visitors from your country? With a VPN you’ll finally have access.

There are many VPN’s available on the Net and I have personally trialed two of them. The first was ZenMate. ZenMate came with a Free Premium Trial Once that trial expired I was offered the Premium VPN service at a 33% discount. Naturally, I jumped at the chance and I’m now completely protected from hackers and would be identity theft.

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Secure Sports Betting VPNMy second VPN trial came about just the other week because I am a Mac owner. I have a macBook Pro. That particular VPN is MacSentry. I wrote a review of that particular VPN titled Best VPN For Mac Users!

There are two things you will notice when using a VPN. The first is that you will lose a bit of data speed. The second is that your data usage will go up. That’s not a problem at home because I have unlimited data but is when using my mobile phone so I usually only use my mobile VPN when accessing free wifi.

One particular commenter on that post queried whether MacSentry was a 1 off white label knockoff? I didn’t know so I directed the question to someone at macSentry. Their response was

MacSentry is not a white label of another VPN service.  While it’s true that many VPN providers also provide solutions for Macs, MacSentry was developed by a team of experts, running on high quality dedicated servers, to provide a superior VPN experience for Mac users.

MacSentry is a newer service and I can understand your concerns. To help ease your concerns, we would like to offer any reader of WassupBlog a 50% discount on any new 6 month or 1 year subscription simply by using the promo code WUB50OFF. This promo code is good until Feb 1 ’17. 

A 50% discount for any new 6 month or 1 year subscription! Now, that is what I call a pretty sweet deal.

The question now is how long are you willing to wait before securing your internet usage with a secure sports betting VPN.? Don’t wait until it’s too late.