Sports Betting Strategy

Do you have a sports betting strategy? They say that having a sports betting strategy is important if you’re wanting to make money at sports betting. The truth is that while there are people who are making money betting on sports being a profitable sports better is not an easy task. Most people betting on sports lose. If that wasn’t the case we wouldn’t have so many profitable book makers.

My Sports Betting Strategy

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That’s why I’ve chosen to be a responsible gambler as my sports betting strategy. I’m not going to be one of those sports betters who are forever chasing a win betting more and more to recover their losses. Still there are some sports betting tips that can help you to minimise your losses.

  • Bankroll: There are some that say setting aside some funds as your sports betting bankroll is a good step. Most would suggest starting with $1000. To get the most out of your bankroll they recommend you never bet more than 2% – 5% on each wager. This will increase the amount of bets you can place if you have a bad run of bets. I prefer to never bet more than $10 a week my bets. Now that I’ve discovered MultiBets I can make that ten bucks work for me allowing me to bet on more games and increasing the amount I can win. Sportsbet‘s Cash Out feature is also a great idea allowing me to cash out when things start looking bad.
  • Never Bet Under The Influence of alcohol or drugs: This may seem bloody obvious but there are people out there who actually do this. Unfortunately the decisions made while under the influence are rarely the right ones. That’s why people drive while drunk.
  • Research is key: Though this can be tedious learning all the ins and outs of any given possible bet can help you to make a better decision. If it’s an AFL game you’ll need to know stuff like whether or not they’re playing a full team. Whose out because of injuries? How are they tracking? Stuff that I find way too tedious, so much so that it’s only going to ruin my betting experience. For me sports betting is all about increasing the thrill of watching the sports I love. Winning on a sports bet is just the cream on the cake.
  • Getting the best odds: Getting the best odds is paramount in maximising the amount you win on any winning sports bet. This is probably one of the most important step in your sports betting strategy. This is just one of the reasons I’ve always recommended joining more that one online sports betting sites. I’ve listed what I believe to be the best sports betting sites in the top of my left sidebar.

The most important thing to remember as part of your online sports betting strategy is to never, ever bet more than you can afford to lose.