Job Seek Now On EZ eSports Betting

job seekWhy Job See? Read on McDuff 😉 I wrote my first ever post on EZ eSports Betting on April 1st 2014! That’s over a year ago and I’m sure friends and family all thought it was an April’s fools joke when I told them. Nope, over a year later and I’m now getting over a 100 views a day which I am pretty happy with. I’d like to get a few more people commenting but I’m sure that will come with time.

One of the reasons I’ve getting all that traffic is because of the wide subject matter from Hot Sports Babes to Buying Lottery tickets online. Naturally there are a lot of sports orientated posts too, which range from Sports Jokes to sports betting jargon.

Today I’ve added another service to EZ eSports Betting, one that will add to it’s popularity. The ability to find that dream job that everyone is looking for.

Job Seek Your Dream Job On EZ eSports Betting

I added it to the sidebar a couple of days ago and it’s already generating interest. That’s even though it only shows one job and is all squashed up and everything. I thought of adding it to a post like this one but even that is too limiting. The one below shows just 5 jobs in Australia.

[neuvoo_jobroll co=au size=5]

So, I decided to include Job Seek in the menu bar above. As most of the traffic to EZ eSports Betting comes from Australia, USA, Canada, England and India they’re the countries I’ve enabled the Job Seek feature for. Check it out and see how cool it is.

I’m sure the job seek feature will appear to a lot of people out there. Sooner or later everyone will need to look for another job. This could be for many reasons. They hate their boss, are looking for something new, or better, or may even be moving to another state or country. Heck I know for a fact that a lot of folk go on working holidays so why not set it up before travelling there!

Heck, they may even be looking for a sports related job. Yep, you could use the job seek search engine to start a new career in sports.  :drunk: