Maggie Vessey Hot Sports Babe With Class

Maggie Vessey hot sports babeI think it’s time for another hot sports babes post! It’s not like I had much choice though seeing as how my subscribers have been hounding me and all. Gotta give those guys what they want you know.  :thumb_up: Today’s hot sports babe is an American track athlete. We have Troy of 1KSmiles to thank for this post. Troy mentioned Maggie Vessie when he commented on the Curling Hot Sports Babes post.

Maggie Vessey isn’t your typical hot sports babe either. This particular hot sports babe is known for being the most stylish women in sports.

She wasn’t always the most stylish hot sports babe. Nope, this only came about when she was dumped my her sponsorship with New Balance. They say when one door closes another door opens Maggie Vessey opened the new door by collaborating with L.A. designer Merlin Castell.

As you can see from the collage I’ve put together of Maggie Vessey exactly why she is called by many as the most stylish hot sports babe.

Being stylish isn’t the most important part of what Maggie Vessey is all about though. What Maggie Vessey really loves is running. As she herself says on her about page.

Running can shut everything else off and out and allow me to be 100% present in my life in the motion. It’s beautiful. Running represents the floor I could never fall beneath because not matter how tempted I was to take other paths in my life, running represents the true me and somehow I always made it back to that.

As far as track and field fashion goes I reckon that Maggie Vessey wins it hands down. Her track and field fashion sense and her ‘hotness’ definitely gives her the right to be our latest hot sports babe.

Maggie Vessey The Most Stylish Hot Sport Babe

Maggie Vessey Stylish Hot Sports Babe


Yeah, you have to admit that Maggie Vessey’s outfits are pretty stylish. Apparently her opponents think they’re pretty cool as well. I managed to find a pretty cool video of an interview with Maggie Vessey wearing one of her stylish outfits.

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