Round 17 Footy Tips Results

Fortuna’s Round 17 Footy Tips Results


round 17 footy tips resultsI don’t know about you but round 17 had some pretty exiting games. But before we check some of those out lets have a look at how Fortuna went with her round 17 footy tips results. As you can see from the image above, while it’s not as good as the perfect score last week, 7 out of 9 is still a pretty good result.

Unfortunately for me my multi-bet this week was pretty shitty. But I can’t complain too much because, as you’ll see from the post above, I won all three of the multi-bets that I placed. The reason for my crappy multi-bets last week is that it included both of the Richmond vs Fremantle and Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood games. Still, in my defence I really thought I made the right choices, especially because they were the ones that paid the best.

In case you’re wondering why I play two MultiBets it’s really quite simple. My main multi-bet is the $10 one. The second MultiBet is the one I place with Sportsbet . You see, what I do is I first enter my tips in their Million Dollar Tipping competition which is absolutely free. I almost won it last week except that I was about 9 points out with estimating the margin.  :doh: Once I’ve done that I place a $1 multi-bet with Sportsbet . After all, what is an extra buck right? Especially when that buck won me close to $50 last week! Enough for 50 more multi-bets.  :thumb_up:

Anyway, that’s why I always place two multi-bets. I have to admit the Sportsbet one adds a lot of excitement into those games as now every one of them is important to me.

Speaking about exciting games, what about the Richmond vs Fremantle game? They went head to head in almost every quarter. I almost cashed out during that game and if I did I would have tripled my bet. In hind site I wish I did cash out. :pull_hair:  😀

Even though the Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood game wasn’t as close as the Richmond vs Fremantle it was still a pretty good game. That game put them in the sixth spot in the ladder, one above the Crows.

Speaking of the Crows I would have been stunned if they lost to the Gold Coast. Luckily the didn’t and wasn’t Charlie Cameron impressive in that game. I reckon the Age had a pretty good writeup on that match.

So, how did you go with your round 17 footy tips results? Don’t be shy, leave a comment below about what you thought was the best part of round 17 footy results.