Black Stadium Chair

black stadium chairI thought, seeing as how it was getting close to Christmas, I might write a post or two on what I think would make some great Christmas gifts for the avid sports lover.

Black Stadium Chair Would Be A Great Xmas Gift

As much as we all like watching sports I’m sure we would all agree that those stadium seats are bloody uncomfortable. Their damn cold in winter and burn your thighs in summer. Not to mention that every now and again some have shit all over them and you wish you’d brought something to place over it.

That’s why a Stadium chair would make the perfect gift for the avid sports goer.

I’ve looked around Amazon and found the Black Stadium chair listed in this post to be the best one for quality and value. It comes with very high reviews from actual customers which I find to be a great selling point.

Unfortunately the black stadium chair does not ship to Australia, which I think is a real pain in the arse, pun intended. 😉

Still, I did manage to find the Coleman Stadium seat on eBay. Probably not as good as the Black Stadium chair by the Stadium Chair Co. but you do get two for less than the price of one.

The thing to remember is that whoever you buy the stadium chair for, they’re going to love you for it. Heck, you should get one for yourself while your at it. At least that way you can kiss those aching back pangs goodbye and look forward to watching your sports in style and comfort.


What did I tell you? You have to admit that the majority of sports goers who purchased the stadium chair absolutely loved them. That’s what I call a great recommendation. If you drop the hint your partner may even get one for you 😉