AFL Round 19 2017 Results

The AFL round 19 2017 results are in, and whilst it still falls short of the round 18 results, it was still better. What pisses me off about the AFL round 19 2017 results, which you can see below,

Fortuna’s AFL Round 19 2017 Results

AFL Round 19 2017 Results
As you know I always enter Sportsbet’s Million Dollar Tipping competition so I have a chance at winning $5,000. Well, it sort of sucks all the excitement out of it when you get the first of your tips wrong.

I don’t know about you but I call that first round of the AFL round 19 results an upset. Sure as hell didn’t think that Hawthorn would put off a win. But win they did. Not by much mind you, but a win is a win and the ABC reckon it keeps Hawthorn finals hopes alive. I don’t know if I would go that far because they’ve been all over the place this season.

Then there was the embarrassing moment when Port Power supporters gave up on their club and started leaving the grounds early. As Michelangelo Rucci stated, ‘You should always stay until the end of the siren’. Wankers, they missed the best part of the whole game, coming off with a win.

And then there was that insane Collingwood vs Adelaide Crows game. Collingwood is now the eighth team to lose a game after leading by 50 points in the third quarter. Oh well, at least Sportsbet punters who backed Collingwood came off with a win. I’m talking about their promotion where you automatically win when your team leads by 24 points, even if they lose. How cool is that?

It’s good to see the Crows on top of the ladder. Hopefully they can maintain that position giving them a good shot at the finals.

Last week was a losing bet week for me. I’m hoping I can turn that around in round 20.