Round 18 Footy Tips Results

Fortuna’s Round 18 Footy Tips Results

round 18 footy tips results

OK, before we all get on Fortuna’s pretty back about those results lets consider the first two negative results of her round 18 footy tips results. For the best coverage of that game check out the AFL site! That was a game and a half and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who was surprised at Richmond showing Hawthorn who was boss!

Looks to me like Finals contention is still up in the air. And isn’t that the way footy fans love it. Sure as hell makes finals more exiting doesn’t it?

Then we have the Collingwood vs Melbourne game. Sure Collingwood had already lost 5 games in a row but who would have thought that Melbourne would have served them their sixth straight loss? I certainly didn’t!

Then we have the Sydney vs Adelaide game. The results to that game probably didn’t come as a surprise to most people. I’m sure that most would have tipped Sydney. Not sure why Fortuna tipped Adelaide?  :thinkin: Maybe my partiality towards the Adelaide Crows is rubbing off on her  :tongue_out:

Something that I’m sure surprised a lot of viewers of that game was when that dumb-ass video umpire disallowed Matthew Wright’s goal. That links to my post on the subject which includes a video of the denied goal as well as a poll you may like to take part in.

As to lat week’s Multi-Bet! Shit! I really bummed out on that one. Unfortunately for me the first leg of that bet was the Hawthorne Richmond game and we all know how that turned out.

Not to worry. In order to brighten up this post I put together a video of 35 perfectly timed photos in sport. It’s taken me quite some time to put all those photos together. Most of them are in high definition so its best to watch the video in full screen

35 Of The Best Perfectly Timed Photos In Sport

It’s a brand new video so it could do with a little promotion. Maybe you could share it with your friends or even give it a thumbs upon YouTube.  :tup: