AFL Round 13 Results 2017 Unlucky Round 13

If you thought that round 12 was bad that was nothing compared to¬†AFL round 13 results 2017! Shit! maybe I should have stayed away from round 13, the number 13 being so unlucky and all. Truth be told I’ve never believed in 13 being unlucky but after those AFL round 13 results 2017 I may have to change my way of thinking :doh:

Enough with the melodramatic bullshit, lets check out Fortuna’s AFL round 13 results 2017.

Fortuna’s AFL round 13 results 2017

AFL Round 13 Results 2017

The only tip we got right was the Port Power game and that was a no brainer. The odds on that game was so bad that it wasn’t worth betting on. With tips like that it goes without saying that it was another losing bet week! I’m having a few of those lately and hoping like hell that I can turn it around next week.

Most Important Lesson From Round 13

So, can we learn anything from round 13? This article seems to think so saying we can actually learn six things from round 13. For me, round 13 of the 2017 AFL season reaffirms the importance of responsible gambling. After a few losses you may be tempted to double up on your bets in an effort to get your money back. My advice to you is DON’T! This round just goes to show how unreliable sports betting can be. Trying to win your money back by increasing your bets is the worst thing you can do and is how gamblers get stuck in a horrifying downward spiral. One that can ruin their lives, bringing loved ones down with them.

The best thing to do is to put unlucky round 13 behind you and look forward to better rounds of AFL in the future. If you’re a responsible gambler, as I am, these unlucky rounds, while annoying, don’t affect you much because you know you can afford to lose that money. For punters like us, placing a bet is all about increasing the excitement of the AFL. Any win is a bonus but losses are like water falling off a ducks back.

If you’re wondering how your teams would be graded in round 13 the best article I’ve come across is FoxSport’s Round 13 Report Card. Now it’s onto round 14. Lets hope we do a lot better in that round.