The Complete Handicapper

best handicapper book for handicappingIf handicapping is the art of picking the winning horse in any given race then I reckon you could say that a handicapper is the person who predicts the winner in a horserace. If that’s true I think it’s safe to say we all want to become a good handicapper. So how do you become a good handicapper? You could just go to a whole heap of races and pick it up a bit at a time. This could be pretty costly though. And if you’re a complete novice like I am it could take forever and still be not better at being a proficient handicapper.

Why Becoming A Good Handicapper Is So Difficult

The reason why becoming a good handicapper is so difficult is because of all the variables involved. You need to know the horse. Has it run the distance before and if so how did it do? How does the horse perform on the surface of the racetrack? So you need to know how the horse performs on the different surfaces. Some horses will perform better on turf than dirt for example.

A good handicapper also needs to consider the jokey. Has the jockey won on this horse before? This could be an important factor. A good handicapper also considers the trainer. What is the win rate of the horse trainer. A horse trainer with a good win rate is more likely to win that one with a poor win rate so you should check the horses trainer as well.

If you’re lucky you may bump into trainers at the track who would love to share some of their knowledge with you. You may even pick up some handicapping tidbits by eavesdropping on conversations. 😉

Personally I think your best bet of becoming a good handicapper is to read up on as many handicapping books that you can get your hands on. I’ve done a bit of research on the subject and I’ve found the customer feedback on James Quinn’s The Complete Handicapper: You Can Beat the Races! to be exceptional. I’ve imported the relevant information on this great book into this post for your convenience.


Are there any books that you can recommend for our readers?