AFL Round 25 2018 Results

AFL Round 25 2018 Results My Best Results Ever

AFL Round 25 2018 Results

Gotta love my AFL round 25 2018 results! Yep, this is the first ever time I’ve gotten all my tips right this year. Too bad there were only two games to pick from.  :RLOL: Still, a perfect result is a perfect result. Naturally, the AFL Round 25 2018 Results also meant I got another winning bet under my belt.

AFL Round 25 2018 Scores Results

HAWTHORN     3.1   3.7   6.9   10.11  (71)
MELBOURNE   3.1   6.2  12.5  16.8   (104)

COLLINGWOOD   3.6    4.9   6.12  9.15 (69)
GWS GIANTS        0.2   4.2    7.3    9.5  (59)

Like I said in last weeks round 24 2018 results, I predict a Richmond vs Melbourne grand final this year.

On a side note, I produced a pretty funny video about a nun’s confession that I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of.

AFL Round 10 2018 Results

:tongue_out: I’m happy to say that my AFL Round 10 2018 Results were pretty bloody good. Considering that round 10 was a bye and there were only 8 games I reckon 6 out of 8 was pretty good. Even more so considering that I believe the two I did get wrong were definitely upsets. The image below of the AFL Round 10 2018 Results shows the offending games.

AFL Round 10 2018 Results With Two Major Upsets

AFL Round 10 2018 Results

AFL Round 10 2018 Scores Results

COLLINGWOOD              1.1   5.3   9.8  13.12 (90)
WESTERN BULLDOGS   5.2   8.3   8.5    8.7  (55)

RICHMOND      3.3    6.4    10.9     15.15 (105)
ST KILDA         2.0    4.3     9.5      12.5   (77)

BRISBANE       2.2     2.3     4.7     6.13 (49)
SYDNEY           3.0     5.3     8.6     10.7 (67)

GEELONG        4.0     5.3     7.5     11.7 (73)
CARLTON         2.1     2.7     4.11   5.15 (45)

GWS GIANTS     2.3    5.6    7.9      8.12 (60)
ESSENDON        5.2    7.3    8.8    14.11 (95)

That’s two weeks in a row now that Essendon has stuffed up my tips.  :pull_hair: That’s their second great win against the Giants. Some say that the momentum changed for Essendon after Tomlinson pushed James Stuart over after his mark. The pursuing 50-metre penalty resulted in a goal which appeared to deflate the Giants.

HAWTHORN       3.1    6.3    8.6   9.6 (60)
WEST COAST    3.2    6.3    9.6   11.9 (75)

MELBOURNE   7.1    12.2   18.6   23.8 (146)
ADELAIDE        3.1    4.2     5.4     8.7   (55)

Although Melbourne definitely outplayed Adelaide I don’t think anybody expected the Crows to be crushed by such a large margin. It was such a debacle that Pyke was left speechless. The worst thing about that game is the ensuing bullshit I had to put up with from the Port Power fans. Wankers, they forget so quickly their past poor performances.

FREMANTLE               3.4     5.5     6.8     8.10  (58)
NTH MELBOURNE     1.8     4.12   7.13   12.14 (86)

On the plus side, I had another winning bet with Ladbrokes!  :clap2:  It’s always great when a sports bet finally goes your way. That’s twice not that Ladbrokes have offered me special odds on an AFL match, way above any other sports betting sites, that has paid off.

Here’s hoping for even better things in round 11.

AFL Finals Week 2 Results 2017

The second week of the AFL finals is over and it’s now time to check out the AFL Finals Week 2 Results

AFL Finals Week 2 Results Not Finals Footy

AFL Finals Week 2 Results 2017As you can see from the image on the left Fortuna got the Geelong vs Sydney results wrong. Tell you the truth, I really expected Sydney to win that game and I’m sure a lot of punters did as well. Still, there are a whole lot of happy punters out there who are rubbing their hands with glee. Especially those you used Bet365 to place their bet as they were offering the best odds for that particular game.

Cats Upset Swans In Semi Finals

Geelong 15.8 98 ~ Sydney Swans 5.9 39

As for the game itself its not really what I call finals footy. I don’t know about you but I expect final footy to be a hard fought game with the lead seesawing between the two teams. Sort of like the West Coast vs Port Power game back in week one of the finals. That is what finals footy is all about. Not the lack luster performance the Swans put up. Sam Newman was right when he said on the Footy Show that Buddy goes missing when the pressure is on.

According to Fox Footy the best tactic of the whole game was putting Dangerfield in the goal square. I have to admit, I was saying the same thing when the game started, although I didn’t think it would work out as well as it did.

I was actually hoping that Geelong would win that game because I felt that Geelong would be easier to beat this week than the Swans. After seeing the Swans dismal effort I’m not so sure any more. Still, the Crows have had a week off and maybe the Cats mighty effort has tuckered them out somewhat.

GWS Giants Thumping Win Against West Coast Eagles

GWS Giants 19.11 125 ~ West Coast Eagles 9.4 58

Again not what I call finals footy. I don’t know about you but I got pretty bored with both games and actually watched something else once the third quarter was almost over. The ABC probably had the best write up on that game.

Grand Final Prediction

I personally think it’s going to be a Crows vs Richmond grand final with the Crows finishing on top. The Herald Sun has listed a whole lot of experts with their predictions for the Grand Finals results. What do you guys think?

I may put an extra bet when doing the Semi-Finals tips in the next post.