The Yorkshire Ebor Festival 2014

Being an Aussie I’m familiar with our most famous race of the year, the Melbourne Cup. The race that stops the nation. But as big and popular as that race is it seems to lack one vital thing. The whole thing just lasts one day. Nothing at all like the Yorkshire Ebor Festival which is a four day event. Yep, you heard that right, four days. When you consider the Melbourne Cup squeezes everything into one day you’d think the Ebor Festival would have a heck of a lot more to offer.

Yorkshire Ebor Festival Timetable

Like I said the Ebor Festival is a yearly event. It takes place every August. This year it starts on Wednesday the 20th of August culminating on Saturday the 23rd of August.

  • Wednesday 20th August is Judmonte International Day featuring three major races, the Juddmonte International, the Great Voltigeur Stakes and the Acomb Stakes.
  • Thursday is called Ladies days and there is a competition for the best dressed racegoers who this year win a trip Ebor Festival ladies dayto Dubai courtesy of Marriott Hotels. Man, I’m so glad they’re judged on more than just how outrageous their hats are. Must have a look to see if I can find a hot sports Ebor Festival babe for this post.  Oh, there you go, I found one over there on the right and it looks like it doesn’t matter whether it’s the Melbourne Cup or the Ebor Festival those ladies love to wear those outrageous hats. Races of the day include Lowther Stakes and the Yorkshire Oaks.
  • Friday gives us Nunthorpe day featuring the Nunthorpe Stakes, the Gimcrack Stakes and the Strensall Stakes. Apparently the Nunthorpe Stakes is said to be the fastest race of the season. It’s nice to know that the Aussies made an impression in the 2012 Nunthorpe Stakes as our thoroughbred Ortensia won it in that year.
  • Saturday is the final day and naturally the featuring race for the day is the Betfed Ebor. For complete details of the Yorkshire Ebor Festival your best bet would have to be The York Racecourse website.

Placing a Bet On the Ebor Festival Races

Betting On Ebor Festival Races

Naturally the Ebor Festival is all about horse racing and most people are going to place a bet on at least one of the races. Not everyone can actually get to the Ebor Festival but they can still place a bet.

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