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TomWaterHouse Best Odds Ever On AFL Grand Final

Haven’t I always said that you should join more than one sports betting site? One of the reasons I’ve stated for doing this is so you can take advantage of the best odds. On the day of the AFL Finals, Hawthorn vs Sydney, posted some great odds on FaceBook. You can see those odds on the left side of the image above. posted it at 9.30am that morning!

As you well know from my AFL Grand Final Placing A Winning Bet I used Sportsbet place a bet on Sydney to win. The odds were only $1.60 but I was sure they would nail it. They were offering $2.40 on the Hawks but that wasn’t enough to swing me. I was a work when I found out about the TomWaterHouse offer and didn’t have their app otherwise I would have placed a small bet on them. How could you not with those odds.

AS it turns out Sydney lost and I reckon I was lucky In was working that day because apparently that was the worst AFL Grand Final ever. It was so one sided it  was boring.

At 4.40 pm that Saturday TomWaterHouse posted on FaceBook that they had already paid out over $825,000 and congratulate the Hawks on their win. Just before that post they posted a really funny image. I took a screenshot of it and it’s actually the right side of the image above. Who would have known that the Sydney Swan’s official soft drink was Choke!  :ROLF:

Honestly though, I’m sure the guys at TomWaterHouse was just as surprised as everyone else that the Hawks actually won that game. Just goes to show, like I keep telling you guys, there is no sure bet when it comes to sports betting. Like I explained in my post about Sports Betting Tips Being Bullshit, even though the odds of getting it right is a lot better than other forms of gambling there just is no sure bet option.

As it turns out that bet on Sydney turned out to be a losing bet. If I had taken the TomWaterHouse offer, even a small $5 bet, would have turned that losing bet into a winning one.

Don’t know what Sports Betting site to join? Not sure if you you should even be placing a bet on your favourite sport? The solution is simple. Let Fortuna, EZ eSports Betting very own Lady Luck, decide for you. TomWaterHouse

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