Top Sports Betting Tips

As you all know I’m new at this sports betting lark. That doesn’t mean I’m not learning some sports betting tips along the way. It’s kind of like playing the stock market. You could just jump right in and invest your hard earned money on stocks in the hope that you’ve made the right choices and that you would profit on the sale of said stock. Problem is when it didn’t work out you could lose big money. That’s why they say you should start paper trading first.

I suppose some would say that a good sports betting tip would be to a sports betting version of paper trading. Where you place make believe bets on paper until you got the hang of things. I didn’t go that route. Nope, I couldn’t see the point in that at all. The main reason I place bets on my favourite sports is so that I get a bigger kick watching those games that I placed a wager on.

3 Top Sports Betting Tips

tops sports betting tips

  • Bet Small In The Beginning: Remembering our responsible gambling rule, one should never bet more than they can afford to lose. In the beginning I’d try to cut my losses by betting even smaller wagers. I’ve bet as little as one dollar on certain games, and usually it was within my betting budget.
  • Know Your Sport: This is probably the most important sports betting tip I can offer. I remember when years ago I got sucked into joining a Footy Pool. I knew stuff all about footy in those days and that lead to me losing consistently. It suddenly came to me that I should start watching the matches so that I could make an informed decision over the outcome. Little did I know how much I would come to love the AFL.Knowing the sport is important because not knowing means you can’t take into consideration all the variables that can have an outcome on the game, race or whatever you having a bet on.
  • Don’t Double Up To Win Back Your Losses: I’ve seen gamblers at the casino lose a bet and then double their initial wager so they could win back their losses. That didn’t work and so they would increase their bet even more, again to win back their losses. This may work if you have bottomless pockets but more often than not you’re going to blow your gambling budget in record time. If you lose a bet you lose a bet. So what. A loss doesn’t mean you have to get it back the next time you place a bet. This frame of mind will only ruin your betting experience.

As for the top Sports Betting Sites. That’s easy! You just need to read my Top Online Sports Betting Sites post.

Do you have any sports betting tips that you would like to share with everyone? I’d love to hear any sports betting tip at all that you’ve picked up in your sports betting career.


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