US Powerball Jackpots to $1.3 BILLION

If you were ever to buy a lottery ticket in the US Powerball now would be the time! If it was ever worth winning the Powerball, now is that time! It doesn’t matter what country you live in, YOU can buy a ticket for the Powerball online, TODAY! Why you ask? Because the US Powerball has now reached the largest ever jackpot in history!

US Powerball Largest Ever Jackpot $1.3 Billion

US Powerball

Is that phenomenal or what? And yes, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world you can get your very own ticket to the US Powerball online using this link.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s not safe to buy your US Powerball tickets online and even off you do win you’ll never get to collect the money. I’m here to tell you it is perfectly safe. In fact, this post will show you how an Iraqi man has changed his life by winning 6.4 million in the Oregon lottery and he was in Iraq when he purchased his ticket online!

I’ve never had much luck in winning the lottery but that doesn’t stop me from trying. To improve my odds I’ve actually bought into an online syndicate with theLotter. The image below shows you the first 9 lines of 900! That means I have 900 chances at winning the huge US Powerball!

US Powerball Syndicate

I could have bought 200 lines myself but that would have cost me US$1000. Joining a syndicate means that I only had to pay US13.64. Because it was so cheap I bought another share bringing my total cost to US$27.78. That means a win will bring me two shares of the total win.

So let’s say that the syndicate manages to win the US$1.3 billion. You divide that by the 200 shares which mean you win $US6.5 million each. Because I bought 2 shares I would get US13 MILLION! Man, that would do me fine.

As of publishing this post you have a little over two days to get your ticket. Don’t miss out. Get your ticket now!


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