Winning Bets A Plan That Comes Together

One of my favourite shows on TV would have to be The A Team. My favourite A Team member is definitely Hannibal Smith. My favourite quote of the series is Hannibal’s “I love it when a plan comes together!” That’s the kind of feeling I get when I get one of those infrequent winning bets.

Speaking of winning bets, that’s exactly what I got when I backed the Crows vs Nth. Melbourne game on the weekend. Too bad they didn’t televise the game because I reckon I would have really enjoyed it. Even though the Crows let Nth Melbourne erode what was a really good lead in that last quarter.

Winning Bets And Responsible Gambling

winning bets


As you can see from the image above I won a whole $6.40. Not a huge amount I know, but considering my stake was only $10t that’s a 64% return. Sounds a lot better now doesn’t it. Some may be thinking that a $100 stake would have returned $64! While that it true one has to remember that any bet is a gamble and there is never a guarantee of winning.

That’s what responsible gambling is all about. Even though Lady Luck gave me a thumbs up it could have gone the other way. If it did I would have lost $100 instead of just $10. That’s my betting budget for over two months. Shit, I may have even doubled the wager on my next bet to try and get my money back. I could have lost that as well and then bet even more trying to recover my losses. That’s exactly how problem gambling starts and I’m not heading that route. And neither should you!

While winning bets are a good thing you should never let the euphoria of those winning bets get the better of you. Just because you last wager was one of those winning bets there’s no guarantee that the next one will be. Stick to your responsible gambling plan and you’re bound to get a lot more out of your betting strategy. Even when you lose. Why? Because you’re never betting more than you can afford to lose.


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