World Cup And Responsible Gambling

With the World Cup fever about to take over the world many will be tempted to gamble beyond their means. With three to four matches occurring every day the temptation to bet on multiple matches can be too much for some. This can be exasperated by the many outcomes you can bet on each individual match as well. Even I was surprised when I learned of the amount of bets you can place on any one game.

World Cup Betting Options

This is where a lot of people can get into trouble. The urge to bet on multiple outcomes may be overpowering to some punters. Here are just a few of the results you can place a bet on.

  • Full Time Result: This is the one that I am going to place my bets on.
  • Double Chance: Didn’t know what the heck this was so I did some research. Read this post for an explanation of a Double Chance wager.
  • Correct Score Betting: Where you can place a wager on the actual score of the game.
  • Half Time/Full Time Results: Bet on the results for half time and full time.
  • Half Time/Full Time Correct Score: Placing a wager on the actual scores for half time and full time.
  • Goal Scorers: You can place a bet on who is going to score a goal.

Of course there are many more options. These are just a few. You can even bet on which team is going to kick off!!

World Cup Responsible Gambling

So, how do you gamble responsibly during the World Cup? Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts you have to stick to your gambling budget. This means if you’re thinking of placing some bets on the World Cup then you may have to forgo placing bets on some of your other favourite sports, like the AFL for example. Either that or you lower the amount of bets you place on those other sports thereby spreading out your wagers.

This even works if you’re planning to place a bet on some of the World Cup betting options I’ve mentioned above. Say you’re budget was $20 for the week then I would pick one or two favourite matches for the week. I would then spread my bets over the betting options that interest me the most.

The thing with sports betting for me is to get the most enjoyment I can from placing those bets. Winning will of course increase my betting pleasure 😉

How To Bet On The World Cup

All of the online sports betting agencies that I represent allow you to place a bet on the World Cup. You’ll find them on the top of the left hand sidebar of this site. Of those I’m going to mention two in this post, Sportingbet and bet365.

World Cup betting with bet365 world cup betting with sportingbet

As you can see from the two screenshots above from the Argentina vs Bosnia game, both bet365 and Sportingbet offer pretty well the same odds although bet365 offers slightly higher odds for a draw. Of the two apps I found Sportingbet to be a lot simpler to understand and use. Although Bet365 offers more betting options which is probably what made it a little harder to understand. I think I’m leaning towards Sportingbet. Which one will you use?

You can get all the latest World Cup match details from Fifa World Cup Brazil.

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