World Tennis Betting Scandals Smartphones Fault

Betting Scandals Blamed On Smartphones?

betting scandals SBF Sports Betting FixingBetting scandals have alway existed. I say this because of the Reuters article I was reading. It was pretty well blaming smartphones for the latest increase in sports fixing. The latest shit that’s hit the fan has all to do with tennis match fixing. I’m sure that everyone would agree that corruption has existed in sports betting way before the advent of the smartphone. Also no-one would argue that the advent of online betting and Smartphone betting via apps has pumped more money in the sports betting arena than ever before. But to blame these new betting scandals on smartphones, I mean really!!!

There is also no doubt that many governments all over the world have or will bring in laws to clean up SBF (sports betting fixing). Yeah, I just made that up and it would be pretty cool if it took off  :tongue_out: We have laws in Australia which prevents people going online or using apps to place a bet once the sporting even has started. They can still ring in and place a bet with legal sports betting agencies. I don’t know about you but that sort of defeats the point doesn’t it. Why not stop all forms of betting once a game has started? At least that will prevent SBF once the game or match has started.

According to Patrick Jay, a betting consultant and former sports and football director at Ladbrokes, SBF “has grown because of mobile technology. It allows people to place bets anywhere, anytime….People are also dealing in credit, and therefore accounts are being run all over the world. It has created a perfect combination.”

I may be a little naive and while I believe that some of this crap is and has always been going on, I don’t see how that is the fault of all the honest punters like myself you love to place a bet online. The fault lies with all the crooked sports betting sites that somehow manipulate the results in order to cash in big. Obviously its going to be way too hard for governments to stop these wankers from conducting business because they all operate from the shady shores of counties that make it hard to extricate them

I reckon the only way to put a stop to them is to support those legitimate sites, like the ones represented by this site. Reputable online sports betting sites like William HillSportsbetBet365 and UniBet. Maybe once their money dried up SBF would be a thing of the past. Or at least until they found another way to corrupt the sports betting industry.

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