Ani Friesinger Hot Sports Babe #24 Speed Skater

Anni Friesinger hot sports babeYou know what, I’m hanging out for another hot sports babe post so that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. For today’s hot sports babe post I’m going to visit the sport of speed skating.

While I’m sure there are many hot sport babes in speed skating I’ve decided to feature Anni Friesinger as our hot sports babe.

Ani Friesinger Speed Skater

As usual the best information about Anni Friesinger is on Wikipedia. Quickly though, she was born in Germany on the 11th of January 1977. She married long time boyfriend, also a speed skater, Ids Postma. They now have two daughters.

Accomplishments of note would include 5 Olympic medals, three gold and two bronze. That’s is only a small portion of medals that this curvaceous blonde has won. All in all she has accumulated 19 gold, 12 silver and four bronze. As you can see gold medals predominate which goes to show you just how good Anni Friesinger our latest hot sports babe really is.

Anni Friesinger has also set several world records in her speed skating career but to date only one world record remains. Her standing Olympic record of 1:54.02 was set on the 20th of February 2002 during her winning run at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Hot sports babe Anni Friesinger

You may have noticed that she sports a tattoo just above her navel. Have you ever wondered what Anni Friesinger’s tattoo was about. I know I did. It took awhile but I managed to find that it was a Celtic tribal flames tattoo.

OK, I think it’s now time for my hot sports babe collage of Ani Friesinger.

Hot Sports Babe Ani Friesinger

Other links that may interest you.

Ani Friesinger Official FaceBook Fan Page: Some great shots to be found here including some of her lovely daughters. Looks like they may take to skating as well. 😉

I did manage to find a video of Ani Friesinger in action. The video is aptly named Anni Friesinger – Speed Skater with Dangerous Curves. You sure can’t argue with that. Video has some very interesting shots including a spill and Ani Friesinger in a lovely bikini.

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