Million Dollar Sports Betting Bankroll

This post is all about acquiring a million dollar sports betting bankroll. Truth be told the amount of punters out there who’ve managed to put together a million dollars sports betting bankroll are few and far between. If anything, the attempt at winning large amount of cash via betting on sports has put more people in the poor house than anything else. This is the main reason why I always stress responsible gambling.

Winning Your Million Dollar Sports Betting Bankroll

While I always get a kick out of placing a bet I’ve often wondered how much fun it would be if I had a million dollar sports betting bankroll. I know I’m never going to win that sort of cash by betting on sports which is why I occasionally try winning when one of the world lotteries has a huge jackpot. This is why I incorporated the Special Lottery Draws category.

US Powerball $385 Million Jackpot

Million Dollar Sports Betting Bankroll

As of writing this post there are still 3 days left for you to get your hands on your very own US Powerball ticket. You don’t even have to be living in America to purchase a ticket.

Can you imagine what you could do with that sort of cash. Sure, I know the odds of winning are astronomical and yet there are probably million dollar winners being born every day around the world simply because they took a punt and bought a lottery ticket. These are the people who have changed their lives and now thumb their noses at all the people who ridicule those who buy lottery tickets.

Personally I couldn’t give a stuff about these naysayers! I’ve just gone and purchased my US Powerball ticket. Actually, I’ve gone one step further and have also joined a syndicate to increase my chances of getting my hands on some of that cash. You can see proof of that in the image below.

US PowerBall Jackpot Online
I purchased that ticket using which is probably the luckiest online lottery agent around.

I’ve joined multiple online lottery agents for the same reason I’ve joined multiple sports betting sites. To make sure I avail myself of the best promotions and to ensure I don’t miss out on getting a ticket due to the site being down.

Other online lottery sites I’ve joined include;

  1. OZ Lotteries, best prices for those Aussie lottery tickets.

Just for luck, I’m actually looking and joining one more which looks pretty cool and that one is

It doesn’t really matter which one you get your US Powerball ticket from, as long as you buy one so you too have a chance at becoming an instant millionaire.