Australia’s Biggest Lottery Draw

Become An Instant Millionaire – Australia’s Biggest Lottery Draw

Australia's biggest lottery draw


I know this is a sports betting site but even so I thought I would do this special post on Australia’s biggest lottery draw. This week it’s OZ Lotto which is drawn tonight. Did I mention it was worth #30 million? That’s why it’s currently Australia biggest lottery draw. If you’re strapped for time and hate crowds your best bet is to get it online. My favourite, secure, online lottery agent is Oz Lotteries.

I’ve been a member of Oz Lotteries for years and I can seriously vouch for them. Unfortunately if you live in Queensland you’re excluded from using their services. I don’t know what the hell you guys did wrong. More likely than not it has some to do with your state Government. Not to worry, you can use any of the following sites, all of which I’ve tried personally.

  • thelotter.comThis agent may be a little more expensive but they have the best range of overseas lotteries. As a member you can buy a lottery ticket from almost any of the biggest lotteries in the world.
  • Lottobroker: Probably my favourite. Has the best prices and also exposes you to a huge amount of overseas lotteries.
  • Wintrillions: If you’re into lottery syndicates these are the guys for you. At the moment I’ve subscribed to 10 games a month in the US Mega Millions for only $37 a month. They’re currently running a promotion where you can save 40% on the US Mega Millions.

Speaking about saving money, the reason I join multiple online lottery sites is just so that I can take advantage of any specials they’re offering. It’s one of the reasons why I join more than one online sports betting site.

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Man, I’d love to bet my hands on some of that cash. I’d put some of it to my sports betting account so I can really have some fun. Not that I’d let it get in the way of my responsible gambling.