USA Powerball Jackpots $450 Million

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on a lottery but that’s only because I only do that when I feel it’s worth your while. But then you guys know that 😉 Now, what’s better than having a go at winning the USA Powerball. Especially when it’s jack-potted to whopping $450 million.

I bought a ticket last week when the USA Powerball was worth over $300 Million. Yes, I can do that even though I’m an Aussie. I’ll give you a link later that will take you to my favourite online lottery agent. Or you can click on any of the images below.

USA Powerball


USA Powerball DividendsThat image not only shows you my lottery numbers to the last USA Powerball, it also shows the winning numbers. I love the way it highlights those winning numbers on my lottery picks. As you can see I didn’t do all that well getting only one number. But hey, that’s cool, because now I have another shot at winning a share of the latest $450 million USA Powerball.

You can see the dividends over there on the left. You’ll notice that there are actually two columns of prizes. The first is what you win with the normal ticket. The second one is what you would’ve won if you played the Powerplay option.

That’s why I always pay that little bit extra. So that I can multiply my winnings when I am lucky enough to actually win something.

Needless to say, because the USA Powerball is now $450 million, I invested in another 4 games in the Current USA Powerball. You can see what I hope to be the winning numbers in the image below.

Buying A USA Powerball Lottery Ticket Online

USA Jackpot winning numbers

Minutes after purchasing my USA Powerball ticket I got the following email confirming my purchase.

online USA Powerball ticket

So, as an Aussie, how did I pay for my USA Powerball ticket? Why, by using NETELLER of course. My preferred method of payment, other than PayPal, when purchasing stuff online. You should read my review on NETELLER to learn why I’m a NETELLER fan.

I’m a member of several online lottery agents but the one I used for this purchase is Lottobroker. The main reasons are because they’re the cheapest and because they also offer the Powerplay feature.

If you’re thinking of getting in on the USA Powerball money train you’ve got, as of the publishing of this pos, about one day and 17 hours left to get a ticket. Clicking on any of the images or the Lottobroker link will show you the countdown timer so you know exactly how much time is left. You just have to click on the USA Powerball link once you land on their home page.