AFLW Round 7 2018 Results

Shit! The whole season has gone and not only did I fall short of getting the perfect round, but I also didn’t even manage to get a winning bet. Yep, I struck out with the AFLW Round 7 2018 Results! Even though it depresses the hell out of me, I’m still going to show you my AFLW Round 7 2018 Results.

AFLW Round 7 2018 Results

So, there you see my results, let’s have a look at how the teams scored in the AFLW Round 7 2018 Results.

  • GWS Giants 3.6 24 – Brisbane 10.4 64
  • Fremantle 9.5 59 – Carlton 6.12 48
  • Western Bulldogs 5.3 33 – Melbourne 4.7 31
  • Collingwood 8.5 53 – Adelaide Crows 4.8 32

As far as the season goes my worst result was in round 3 where I only got one game right. Overall I managed 16 out of the 28 games which works out to 57% accuracy. Oh well, I suppose it’s better than getting less than 50%, right. So, how did you guys go?

It looks like Brisbane and Western Bulldogs will go head to head for the AFLW 2018 grand finals flag. I’m not going to bother putting any money on that game. I reckon those unpredictable women have cost me enough  :tongue_out:

Besides, with the AFL 2018 season starting this week I think my time will be more productive working out my tips for the AFL 2018 season.

Hope you guys did better with your AFLW 2018 season.

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