Fitbit Fitness

Today’s post is all about Fitbit fitness. Yes, I know this is a sports betting blog but as all my regulars know I love to expand my horizons by including more than just sports betting and best secure ways to place your sports bet. I also thrill my readers with the latest hot sports babes, not to mention other interesting sports related stuff. I do have a hot sports hunk category but there is only one post in that one. Seeing as how I’m not an expert on hot sport hunks I’m waiting for the ladies to make suggestions for what hunks to feature :tongue_out:

Awhile back I did a review on my Fitbit Charge 2. I love my Fitbit Charge 2 and it’s best feature is the Fitbit app. Ever since I added the two together I’ve been on an incredible Fitbit fitness journey. The Fitbit Charge 2 on it’s own is a fantastic fitness watch but the app is what really makes it shine.

Today, even though it was raining I went on my usual Friday morning hike/walk around Anstey Hill. I wrote about the Anstey Hill Recreation Park on another one of my blogs.

Fitbit Fitness On The Anstey Hill Trails

fitbit fitness

For me Fitbit fitness is all about increasing your fitness levels, thereby improving your general health. The Fitbit Charge 2 helps me do just that. During my Anstey Hill morning adventure I was startled by a bunch of kangaroos as I came around a bend. I’ve encountered kangaroos on my walks before but never by surprise. Once I came to grips, and made sure I didn’t shit my pants, I snapped a couple of shots with my trusty iPhone.

The above image also shows three important things about my hike, an image of the hike via the GPS map, a record of my heart rate and the impact it’s had on my day. It also allows me to share those images on social media to encourage my friends. They do the same thing for me.

Because of the apps fitness record keeping capabilities it spurs me to do better every time I go out on a hike all walk. Getting challenges from my Fitbit friends also spurs me to greater fitness levels. Mitch of I’m Just Sharing is probably my greatest incentive to improve my fitness levels.

There is so much more I could write about the marriage of the Charge 2 and the Fitbit App but that would take forever. If there’s anything you would like to know about them just leave me a comment and I’ll get right back to you.