Lucky Bet Adelaide United vs Brisbane Roar

I think it’s time for another bet and I’m hoping it’s another lucky bet so I finally get a three in a row winning streak.

Lucky Bet For An Adelaide Win

lucky bet

As usual I ask Lady Luck as to whether or not I should place a bet. Lady Luck pointed me to Unibet. As I’m not a Unibet member that means I shouldn’t be placing a bet. Last time she did that I tried to cover my bets by placing a wager on both teams. The only way I could lose was if it was a draw. You can see the results to that bet here.

This time though I’m going against Fortuna’s, Lady Luck, advice and placing a bet on Adelaide to win. They’ve been playing well and Brisbane Roar has been a little lack lustre of late so by all rights it should be a shoe in.

You just never know with soccer though.

As you can see from my lucky bet image I placed $8 on a straight out win. One dollar on them winning by $2 and a buck on them winning by 3 goals. The last time I did this I did pretty well so I figured I would give it another go. Wish me a lucky bet  :thumb_up: