Sexy Melanie Adams Hot Sports Babe #29

hot sports babe Melanie AdamsBack in July I featured Allison Stokke a really sexy American pole vaulter. Not to be outdone by all the sexy American hot sports women I said in that post that I would write about a really hot, sexy Australian pole vaulter. Today is that day! Today’s hot sports babe is Melanie Adams, one of the hottest female pole vaulters out there and I welcome her into our hot sports babes category.

As you will see from the photos of Melanie Adams in this post, she deserves to be part of our hot sports babes!

Melanie Adams was born on 21st. of July 1988. She’s been pole vaulting ever since she was eleven years old winning two under age titles. Not surprisingly her stunning looks have pole vaulted her into a modelling career. As you can see from her FaceBook About page she’s currently studying paramedics at Victoria University. Other interesting facts divulged in that page include.

  • Melanie is the former Under 23 National Pole vault Champion.
  • Melanie Adams was the cover girl in Zoo magazine in March 2008.
  • She appeared in a fitness DVD for Donna Aston.
  • Winner of the 2007 Cosmopolitan Model Search (LA contract

As for her personal interests she enjoys horse riding, wake boarding, snow skiing and going to the beach. And who wouldn’t love to bump into her on the beach right?  :thumb_up:

I think it’s time we had a look at how hot our Melanie Adams out latest hot sports babe really is by checking out her collage.

Melanie Adams Hot Sports Babe Collage

Melanie Adams Hot Sports Babe collage
I’ve already given you a link to Melanie’s FaceBook page above. Melanie also has a Twitter account although she hasn’t posted anything on it since last year. Even so, you’ll still find some interesting photos on there.

All in all I’m sure you’ll agree that Melanie Adams belongs in the Hot Sports Babes Hall Of Fame!