Best Time To Bet On A Sports Bet

Probably the most asked question I get is ‘when is the best time to bet on a sports bet. Naturally the best time to bet on any sport is when you’re offered the best odds. One way to get the best odds is not to rely on just one online sports betting site. Because most of the better online sports betting sites offer cool sports betting apps it’s easy to check who is offering the best bet on any given sport. Of course you can only take advantage of this if you’re a member of more than one sports betting site. This is one of the reason why I’ve joined three of the best online sports betting sites I’ve researched. I’ve also tested their apps to see who’s is the best. You can read the results of that test here.

Timing also has a lot to do when finding the best time to bet. Sometimes you get better odds when placing your bets early but unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. It all depends on the team you’re going to place your bet on as well as what all the other punters are doing. If everyone is backing the same team, horse or whatever odds normally go down so getting in early helps as you beat the crowd. But if if no-one else is backing your team the odds could go up and getting in early was the wrong choice. Getting the time right is a gamble in itself/

My View On Best Time To Bet

As I’ve said many a time I’m not a professional gambler and I don’t plan to ever become one either. I’m sure becoming a professional gambler is too stressful. For me, placing a sports bet is all about increasing the enjoyment factor of the sports I love to watch. Placing a bet has even helped me to enjoy some of the sports In don’t normally watch 😉 Naturally this is only true if I follow my responsible gambling rules, part of which is not betting more than I can afford to lose. Gambling responsibly helps me to enjoy my sports betting.

So, as far as I’m concerned the best time to bet on any given sport is when the following conditions are met.

  • I haven’t bet more that I can afford to lost! This is the most important. Not doing so actually stresses you out, especially if your team is losing, rather than making watching the game more exciting.
  • Placing a bet on your favourite sport. If you already love watching your team playing placing a small wager on it makes it even better. This may not be true of every sport. I could never watch a cricket test match so I would never bet on one. I have found though that the Twenty20 games are pretty exciting and that small wager makes it even more so.
  • I’ve found betting with friends is one of the best time to bet. I love it when we’re all sitting around the TV watching the game after wild discussion on which team to place a bet on. Naturally things are a lot more interesting when you’re not all backing the same team 😉 This is probably why occasions like the Melbourne Cup is so popular and there are so many Melbourne Cup functions at pubs cafes and the like.

best time to bet


So, as far as I’m concerned the best time to bet is when placing a bet improves your sports experience. Sure winning is great but it’s not all about the win it’s also about how much you enjoy the game.  :thumb_up:

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