Round 11 Footy Tips Results

Fortuna did a bloody good job getting 5 out of her 6 round 11 footy tips right! You can see the round 11 footy tips results in the image below.

Fortuna’s Round 11 Footy Tips Results

round 11 Footy Tips results
Unfortunately Port Adelaide were the only team to let her down. Worse than that they let me down. As you can see from the Round 11 Footy Tips Port Power was the first leg of my Bet365 Multi-Bet. That post also shows how easy it was to place a multi-bet with Bet365. Because I was at work I wasn’t able to utilise Bet365’s Cash Out feature.

I know a lot of Port Power supporters are disappointed with their team. Some are supportive but a lot are simply bagging their team. It’s like I said in a previous post Port Power Fans Are Not The Most Loyal Supporters. So much for home ground advantage right?

 In a previous game Port Adelaide had a resounding victory against Geelong. That happened in round 6 in 2014 where the results were Port Adelaide 16.11 (107) defeating Geelong 9.13 (67). Too bad they couldn’t repeat that performance. But then again they were playing a lot better last year.

Why Is Port Power Playing So Badly?

Crows supporters would tell you the reason for Port Adelaide’s poor performance was because they suck. Unfortunately supporters and team management need something a lot more concrete than that. Some supporters will try to blame it on poor umpiring but we all know that argument is a little lame.

The ABC called it an entertaining AFL battle. They put Port Adelaide’s loss to “an inspired midfield performance has lifted an injury-depleted Geelong side to a 23-point AFL win over Port in a Friday night thriller.”

As for Port, “Port were frequently sloppy with their disposal out of their defensive 50, allowing Geelong to pounce on the loose ball and hit the scoreboard in the third quarter.”

So what is Ports problem this season. It’s probably a lot of little things like poor disposal, crappy, inaccurate kicking and perhaps even a little lack of commitment. After all, a lot of the times its the team who’s totally focused on the win that comes through.

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