Sophie Horn Vote For Sexiest Woman In Golf Hot Sports Babe #22

Sophie Horn sexiest golfer

I was going to do a bet of the week post but after clicking on Lady Luck up there on the right I decided not to. You see, Fortuna, that’s Lady Luck’s name, pointed to Centrebet and as I’m not a Centrebet member that means don’t place a bet. You can read this post to find out more about how Lady Luck works.

So, instead I’m going to do a hot sports babe post, because I know how much you guys love my hot sports babes post.  :clap:

You may remember that I’ve done a couple of hot sports babes on sexy sportswomen who play golf. The first one was on the South Aussie Anna Rawson. The second hot sports babe golfer was Blair O’Neal. Today’s hot sports babe golfer is Sophie Horn. Many have said that Sophie Horn is the sexiest woman in golf. I reckon I’m going to have to run a poll at the end of this post so that you guys can have your say as to you think is the sexiest woman in golf.

Sophie Horn The Sexiest Woman In Golf?

Sophie Horn Hot Sports Babe


Sophie Horn is an English woman who just happens to love golf. I found an interesting interview with her on Bleacherreport.

Sophie Horn also has her own website. Some of the photos you see on this post can be found on that very website, including the lovely black and white one you see below.

Sophie Horn Sexiest woman golfer

I think I may have mentioned in a previous post how I thought golf was probably one of the most boring sports around. Shit, I may have got it all wrong. There must be something about it that attracts all these hot women to it. You know, I may have to take up watching the sport myself.  :tongue_out:

OK, I think it’s now time to vote for who you think is the sexiest woman in golf.

Who Is The Sexiest Woman In Golf

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While you’re in the voting mood why not vote for your hottest sports babe!


Blair O’Neal Hot Sports Babe #20

Blair O’Neal Hot Sports Babe In Golf

Blair O'Neal Hot Sports babeMy last hot sports babe post featured Anna Rawson. Like our beautiful Aussie Anna Rawson, Blair O’Neal also happens to be a hot sports babe who also happens to be a professional golfer. Apparently there are a lot of hot sports women who play golf so you may see more hot sports golfing babes appear on this site.

As you can see from the pics of Blair O’Neal there is no doubt at all that she slots into the Hot Sports Babe category. Like Anna Rawson she was also born in 1981, although she was born on May 14th making her a few months older than our previous golfing babe.

Another similarity between Blair O,Neal and Anna Rawson is they both feature in the Sexiest Shots In Golf series of videos.

Seeing as how Blair O’Neal started playing golf at the tender age of 11 I’d say she probably got a head start on Anna Rawson.

Some interesting information that I’ve found about Blair O’Neal.

  • She’s won 2 out of 3 NCAA Long Drive contests, making her one of the longest hitters in women’s college golf.
  • Blair was named by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED as “One of the Hottest 50 Athletes of All-Time. This is according to her bio on her official website.
  • She’s also a model, but then I don’t think this would surprise anyone at all.
  • Like your’s truly Blair O’Neal just happens to use WordPress as a platform for her official website.


Here’s the Collage I’ve put together for this weeks Hot Sports Babe.

Hot Sports Babe Collage Blair O’Neal

Hot Sports Babe Blair O'Neal


Other Blair O’Neal links you may find of interest.

Finally, to finish of the latest in the hot sports babe post, the twentieth one so far,  I present to you Blair O’Neal as she shows you how to curve it around a tree in one of the following sexiest shots in golf video.

If you haven’t voted in out Hottest Sports Babe poll why not hop on over and cast your vote.