AFL Round 2 2017 Results

We’re only two weeks into the AFL 2017 season and what a great week of footy it was. Where the first week was full of upsets the AFL Round 2 2017 Results was nothing short of spectacular. Before checking out some of the highlights of round 2 lets have a look at Fortuna’s AFL Round 2 2017 Results.

Fortuna’s AFL Round 2 2017 Results

AFL Round 2 2017 Results

Do you know what the best thing of the AFL Round 2 2017 Results was? I actually won my multi-bet last week. Don’t ask me how I did it but my put money on Richmond, Adelaide, Essendon and Geelong to win. What’s weird is that I normally follow Fortuna’s tips, and she tipped Collingwood.

Too bad I didn’t make the same mistake with Sportsbet’s Million Dollar Tipping competition. Then again, after Port Power annihilating Fremantle my margin was way off. The slaughter was so great that it’s put the Power on the top of the ladder, above the Crows, with a whopping 184.8 percentage.

Bad Umpiring Decision Spoiling AFL For Many fans

Something else about week 2 of the AFL 2017 season is one of the worst umpiring decision ever. I’m talking about the ‘push in the back’ decision against Crow’s David Mackay. It’s almost as if Hawthorne’s Paul Puopolo had umpire Andrew Mitchell in his pocket. :tongue_out:

That wasn’t the only bad umpiring decision of week 2 either. Fans and AFL legends had quite a bit to say about some the bullshit umpiring!

I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned bad umpiring can be really frustrating. Not only that, bad umpiring can also affect the outcome of a game. I know there are many that will dispute this but I don’t give a shit. I’m going to stick to my guns on this one’. Here are just two situations in where the umpiring can screw up the outcome of a game.

  1. ┬áThere’s only seconds in the game and any score can tip the outcome of the game. The umpire either gives away a free kick or fails to do so resulting in an undeserved win.
  2. Repeated bad call demoralise a team or changes the whole flow of the game. Maybe that shouldn’t be the resulting cause but I believe it can happen.

I’m sure there are more but I’m leaving that open to you guys. How do you think that bad umpiring can affect a game.

Maria Vittoria Viviani-When Umpires Get It Wrong In Tennis

Don’t you hate it when umpires get it wrong? I know it sure as hell pisses me off, especially if I have money on the game! I really feel for sorry for Seventeen year old Maria Vittoria Viviani who was disqualified from the Australian open for hitting a ball kid.

When I first heard this story I thought that Maria smashed the ball at the ball kid. The reporter made it sound as if it was almost intentional. Then I saw a video of it and I thought, what a lot of bullshit! You can see the incidence in the animated gif below.

Maria Vittoria Viviani Tennis Ball Incident



As you can see Maria Vittoria Viviani hardly put any force into that ball at all. It was merely a moment of frustration and she was immediately apologetic when she realized what she had done. I’m sure if the ball boy/girl was more attentive he would have caught the ball with ease. Instead it hit him in the chest and the dumb umpire took it upon himself to disqualify her. Poor Maria left the court in tears.

According to this article, on the same day, ”┬áJapan’s Kei Nishikori softly swatted a ball away and made contact with a ball kid Maria Vittoria Vivianiduring his fourth round clash against Roger Federer – however he went unsanctioned for the accidental contact.” Shit, no wonder the up and coming tennis players may tend to act up when they see the pros getting away the same sort of shit.

Then again, if it wasn’t for some of the shenanigans that our tennis players come up with tennis wouldn’t be as entertaining as it is. We love the tennis racket smashing and the blowups almost as much as the brilliant rallies and such.

As far as dummy spits go Maria has a lot to learn if she wants to be renowned as the ‘bad girl’ in tennis :tongue_out:

Here are what others have had to say on the subject.

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What’s your take on the Maria Vittoria Viviani incident