Bet On Hawks To Beat Port Power

Last week I wrote a post on how I bet on the Crows to beat Collingwood!  Everybody said I was crazy and that they didn’t stand a chance in hell. I didn’t care, I had a gut feeling. Besides, Collingwood weren’t paying much so it wasn’t really work p;acing a bet on them. As it turns out the Adelaide Crows won and my bet365 kitty is slowly starting to grow. This week I’m taking another chance because I bet on Hawks to win.

Today Port Power is playing Hawthorn. Port Power’s playing at home and so they are the favourites. Not to mention that they are on the top of the ladder and have been playing very well.

The Hawks are third on the ladder but are sporting some injuries. having said that some of the young players have stepped up. Also, if you consider that the Hawks have won six of their past seven against the Power, including three of their last four matches in Adelaide, I reckon they actually have a good chance. Check out the Hawks full match preview.

As for the Power, they’ve just come off a bye so one would assume they’d be fit and raring to go. Even so this Power vs Hawks review show they’re not about to take the Hawks lightly. They know they’re fighting the reigning premiers who are not about to lie down and give them an easy win.

I was at work today when I checked my bet365 app during my break and noticed their odds were 2.65. It only took seconds to bet on Hawks to win. I’m not a big gamble so I only placed a $10 wager on them to win. If they do win it will net me $26.50! Now I just have to sit back with a couple of beers and, hopefully, watch the Hawks turn the Power’s light off.

I’ll be updating this post sometime after the match with the match results.

Results Port Power Hawthorn Game

bet on hawksClicking on the image above will take you to the Fox Footy site for full match details.

Shit, I can’t believe I lost that bet. I was sure the Hawks would beat Port Power. Oh well, you can’t win them all.