Hot Sports Netball Babes

I was thinking that for todays hot sports babes post I would feature some of those sexy hot sports netball babes. Not just any hot sports netball babes though. These particular hot sports netball babes are willing to expose all for charity.

Aberdeen Hot Sports Netball Babes

I found the Aberdeen Hot Sports Netball Babes on the site. It’s a pretty good article. It’s got quite a few lovely shots of these hot netball honeys but I reckon this one is the pick of the bunch.

aberdeen hot sports netball babes


The next image also features hot sports netball babes from Aberdeen but this one was featured in the 2013 calendar.

naked hot sports netball babes

Bristol Uni Hot Sports Netball Babes

We’re still England for the next set of Hot Sports Netball babes. To be more specific, the next set of really sexy netball babes used to go to the Bristol University. Don’t know if they still go there because they disrobed for this sexy calendar shoot way back in 2011. According to the article it went viral. I’m not surprised when you see some of the images of these sexy near naked sports girls. This is my pick of the bunch.

hot sports netball babes Bristol Uni

And another a  great image from the girls at Bristol.

bristol hot sports netball naked women1

Guess what? I managed to find a video of those Aberdeen lasses.

I reckon that a lot of folks out there aren’t all familiar with the sport netball. That’s probably because it’s played more in countries like England, where it all began, Australia and New Zealand. The Aussies are really good at it too winning gold in the Glasgow Commonwealth games this year. This article is all about Netball for those of you who are interested.

Finally I’ve managed to come up with some pretty hot calendars that you may like for 2015. There’s even one there for the ladies. ;). I figured it only fair that they get something to choose from.

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