Join Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping

There are many reasons for joining Sportsbet.

  • Popular and trusted online sports betting site trusted by thousands of Aussies.
  • Have a great app which makes betting online a breeze. Read my comparison of the top sports betting apps.
  • The ability to spend your winnings instantly using their cash card. As they say on their very popular commercials, get your cash fasterer  :drunk:
  • They’ve always got heaps of offers, including their latest Sports Trivia offer.

Speaking of offers, another great reason for joining is so you can take part in their Million Dollar Tipping. I was wondering when we could get in on the Million Dollar Tipping for 2015. According to the email I got today it’s just around the corner.

Time To Get Million Dollar Tipping League Sorted

Hi Peter,

Million Dollar Tipping begins in less than two weeks and will be here before you know it, so register for FREE today for the chance to win some big prizes!

Over $1,000,000 in the prizes pool must be won including two $100,000 cash prizes to the best overall tipsters. There’s also $10,000 up for grabs every round ($10,000 AFL & $10,000 NRL).

New features include a $10,000 winners ladder every round, match by match ladder ranking updates, a Who Tipped Who spy feature, more admin features for your private comp ladders and more cash prizes paid fast!

Login with your Username: XXXXX and usual password to start tipping.

Terms & Conditions apply. View here.

That’s pretty damn good isn’t it? Free to members and if you enter both the AFL and NRL. you can win $20,000 every round.  :tup:

million dollar tipping

I wrote a lot more about Sportsbet Million Dollar tipping a few months back. That post listed last years winners. What was really interesting is the guy who won the AFL Million Dollar Tipping was a NRL fan who did not know a thing about AFL Even so he entered the AFL tipping league and actually won.

So, even if you only follow the AFL why not have a punt at the NRL? It’s free and you have just as much chance of winning it as the next guy.

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