Betting Lesson Learned As Nick Kyrgios Loses To Milos Raonic

My Betting Lesson For The Week

Yesterday I wrote a post praising Nick Kyrgios for kicking Nadal’s arse! I was so impressed with the way he handled himself and the fact that he won the match so convincingly that I made his next match against Canadian Milos Raonic my Bet Of The Week. I have to admit the fact that he was an Australian also had something to do with it.

In actual fact I reckon you can say there are few¬†betting lessons that I’ve learned from that losing bet. The first betting lesson is not to let emotions cloud your judgement. After writing that post I was so caught up in it all that I placed my bet before completing that post. Yep, it’s that easy to place a bet using the Sportsbetting app.

Betting lesson learned from Nick-Kyrgios-and-Milos-Raonic

Final Scores  6-7 6-2 6-4 7-6

The next betting lesson is to do your research before placing a sports bet. I have to admit I know sweet FA about tennis. Sure I’ve heard of Nadal, but before yesterday I never even heard of Nick Kyrgios. I’ve also never heard of Milos Raonic. If I did a little research I would of found out that Milos Raonic was known for his killer serve as well. At 23 he’s also a lot younger than Rafael Nadal. One would think this would give him a little more stamina and a few years more experience than his younger opponent.

Even though he lost Nick played extremely well. So much so that he’s probably cemented his place amongst the pros. Reckon he won’t have to rely on getting a wild card so he can play with the big boys anymore.

So, that’s one of the many reason you should read this blog. Let me lay them out for you.

  1. For all the betting lessons you will learn from reading about my sports betting mistakes.
  2. So you don’t miss out on my Hot Sport Babes posts.
  3. Then of course there’s my really funny Sports Jokes series.

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